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Application For Drain

The Chairperson,
Baranagar Municipality
Deshbandhu Road
Kolkata – 700035
Sub : Realignment of drain
Dear Madam,
This is with reference to the last application submitted in the month of Feb’19 by the residents of our
locality. As stated in the same, the residents are facing the same issue due to the blockage of drains
in the locality.
Due to the blockage in the drains, the stagnant water spews foul staunch and is becoming breeding
ground for mosquito day by day. The situation has worsened to such extent, that, last year few
residents suffered from Dengue and Malaria. After every downpour, even if it is not heavy, the
blocked drains overflow and the soiled water makes way into the adjoining houses compelling the
residents to clean their premises on their own making difficult to live in.
The blockage is primarily due to the non-alignment of slopes of the drain beside the premises No. 8,
Sreenath Chakrabarty Lane (Shantipuram Residency). The drain is covered with permanent concrete
slabs making it very difficult to clean the settled muds and solid waste. Although four staffs of the
municipality came to clean the drains, but the slabs hindered the work and the cleaning could not be
We would like to seek your kind and urgent attention to solve the above issue immediately.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Residents of Sreenath Chakrabarti Lane