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State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Puducherry (SEIAA)
and State Level Expert Appraisal Committee, Puducherry (SEAC)
State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Puducherry (SEIAA)
SEIAA and State Level Expert Appraisal Committee, Puducherry (SEAC) were
constituted in the year 2007 by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate
Change, Government of India, in consultation with Government of Puducherry, in
exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (3) of Section 3 of the Environment
(Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) and in pursuance of the Environment Impact
Assessment Notification, 2006 number S.O. 1533 (E), dated the 14th September
SEIAA and SEAC, Puducherry are independent body functioning under the
Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Puducherry.
It consists of Chairman, Member Secretary and Members who are subject experts /
professionals in the field of Environment and other relevant areas. The tenure of the
Chairman, Member Secretary and Members is for a period of three years.
SEIAA is vested with the powers to grant Prior Environmental Clearance (EC)
for projects falling under category “B” of schedule in EIA Notification, 2006. SEAC
assists the SEIAA in technical evaluation of project proposal and making suitable
recommendations to SEIAA for EC.
The project proponents seeking prior environmental clearance are required to
submit an online application to SEIAA, Puducherry in
the web portal
before commencement of any construction work or preparation of land. Once
application received, subject to the merit of application the proposal will be
forwarded to SEAC. SEAC will appraise the proposal in its meeting and will also
conduct the site inspection. The recommendations of SEAC are then submitted to
SEIAA. Based on the recommendations of SEAC the project will be considered in
the SEIAA meeting and after deliberations SEIAA may grant or reject the
Environmental Clearance. So far 16 projects have been granted Environmental
Clearance by SEIAA, Puducherry.
Monitoring and Enforcement of EC conditions are carried out by the
Puducherry Pollution Control Committee.
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