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Reflection Paper on DNA

Oluwatobi Olawore
Biology 1000-51 Life Science
Professor Pele Rich
Reflection Paper: DNA the promise and the price.
Truly the most wonderful thing humanity might have ever discovered is that the existence
of DNA. DNA is the heart of all living things here on earth. it's primarily what makes a living
thing alive and is accountable for the continuity of life. Not solely will DNA have a role on
reproduction but it also has vital contributions in human immunity, biology and criminal
investigations. whereas the infinite applications of the invention of DNA facilitate us in a very
ton of how, there are consequences when we play too much with it. This was mentioned in the
film and can be tackled during this paper concisely. Our information of DNA begins with what
we tend to decision the photo fifty-one. when I was in Nigeria, I watched a movie called “DNA
the Promise and the price” in one of my biology class entitled exactly just that and exposed the
reality on however DNA was extremely discovered and who contend a primary role in its
discovery. The movie challenged the contributors of probably the foremost necessary discovery
regarding human life James Watson and Francis Crick was challenged by this film.
The movie tends to bring the entry of a reputation referred to as Rosalind Franklin and
the way she extremely was the primary to deduce its existence and provides a faint plan
regarding its structure. The movie also made it known that due to politics and favoritism that
existed throughout that time, credit was instead given to James Watson and Crick and it
absolutely was solely till Rosalind was dead that she was given correct recognition for her vital
From then on and up till now, various different findings were contributed to the
understanding of DNA that resulted to a fancy network of data regarding it. Our DNA could be a
long strand of double-helix structure created from complementing element bases and a sugarphosphate backbone that supports it. it's of course so long that it should be tightly packed into the
nucleus just so it could slot in there and that we solely recognize of its “uncoiling” throughout
cellular division. The element bases play an important part as a result of they’re basically codes
for commands that the cell carries out.
It undergoes 3 processes: Replication, the repetition of one strand of DNA leading to a
complement strand; Transcription of the complement strand into something understandable by
the RNA and; Translation that codes the amino acids to be activated. From this structure and
processes, scientists have found ways in which to govern our DNA to come back up with new
ways that might improve life in several aspects. One example mentioned is gene therapy
wherever we tend to insert a completely operating gene into the DNA to supply a distinct code
for a specific action. Another is RNA interference, which, coming from its name, interferes or
blocks the message from getting Tran scripted and translated to RNA.
Lastly, and the most widely-used, is stem cell therapy that makes use of what we tend to
call stem cells or immature cells that we delegate to cell-needing sites because they still have the
power to become any cell its atmosphere nurtures them to be. With these advances in science
come consequences. the event and practice of these techniques surely didn’t work a thousandth
of the time. value had to be paid each virtually as experimenting certain isn’t cheap and
figuratively. For animal rights activists, the utilization of laboratory rats is still questionable and
its applications for testing to humans still offer error that generally results to a severe incapacity
and sometimes death. For spiritualist individuals, they feel uncomfortable regarding the thought
of getting to interfere with the course of nature because it isn’t natural to govern things and that
they believe nature can take its revenge sometime. because the title suggests, with the promise of
recent discoveries and a more robust life can continually come consequences or a value to be
bought breakthroughs that follow.
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