AP Biology Extra Credit 2019

AP Biology Extra Credit
This assignment will be your final chance affect your grade for the year. You may earn enough extra
credit to move you up to the next half letter grade (e.g. B- to B). Extra credit will be applied to your
lowest grade by weight (Tests, Labs, Homework, or Mastering). Extra Credit Assignment must be turned
in before seniors leave May 22st (including juniors).
Purpose: Expose yourself to possible careers in the field of biology or life sciences. You will conduct an
interview with a person who is employed in a field related to biology. After the interview, you will write
a paper on the profession using the employee’s interview.
There are many jobs in the biology field around Siouxland. These are some possibilities:
Medical field (Nurse, surgeon, doctor, PA, research, etc.)
Conservation (DNR, Park Ranger, Nature Center)
Quality Control (Tyson, CHS, Vanguard, etc.)
This interview cannot be with someone who is family
Requirements: You may conduct your interview in whatever way you wish. A transcript or recoding of
the interview must be turned in with your final paper (Recording, notes, e-mail, etc.)
Interview must cover the following:
How did they get into job
Was this original career path (If not what was and how did it change)
Description of job
Education/ Training required
Typical day at job
Why they chose this field
What do they like most/ least
What are the biggest challenges
Other questions you think will help write your paper
Paper Requirements
Minimum of 3 pages
12 point font
Double spaced
Normal Margins
Paper must be turned into Canvas by end of school day, May 22st.
Interview may be turned in online or with a physical copy.
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