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Corporate Social Responsibility in Apple Inc.
Corporate responsibility refers to the way in which organizations and business carry out
their operations in an ethical manner and how they affect the society around them. Corporate
social responsibility does not only benefit the community and business environment but also the
organization itself by enhancing the relationship with customers and clients. The impact the
business has on the environment has to contribute to favorable outcomes. This paper describes
Apple Inc.’s approach to corporate responsibilities and how they communicate their mission and
vision statement to the world. Aside from that, the paper explores the significant things the
company does to its employees and the community at large, (Crane et al. 2013).
Apple Computer Inc. is a company that deals with the production of technological
electronic products. Most of its products are computers, iPhones, iPads, computers and Apple
TV. The reason as to why I choose the Apple Company is because; the company has grown over
the years to become one of the most prominent and most successful business enterprises in the
world. Its net profit margins can be equated to billions of dollars on the international market.
They have survived so long in the technology industry because of their corporate social
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responsibility that ensures they cater to the needs of the society and also enhance ethical
principles with their employees and clients.
Apple Inc.’s approach to social responsibility.
The strategy that Apple has taken to demonstrate corporate social responsibility starts
with the CEO of the company. Tim Cook's leadership has positively impacted the company and
made it socially aware of its workers and the society at large. The CEO has made sure that the
company contributes to the environment by helping in tapping renewable energy. This was a big
step taken by Tim cook himself to ensure that Apple Inc. is seen as a company that not only cares
for producing and selling its products but also that it has contributed to the environment. (Adam,
The CEO also made sure that the company portrays absolute transparency in its
operations by joining the Fair Labor Association. This move ensures that the employees of the
company have better working conditions and receive fair pay. Aside from that, the company has
also shown the willingness to work with other key players in the industry. The public is also
made aware of the company’s operations occasionally when the CEO makes public statements.
Tim cooks leadership has thus improved the corporate social responsibility if the company
Apple Company has also ensured that it trains its employees and workers free of charge
in their factories. Looking after an employee’s well-being is also a part of practicing proper
corporate social responsibility. If the workers are treated well then there will be improved and
quality output and products. Apple provides its employees with better programs and workers
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benefits for improved working conditions. Such benefits include providing employees with leave
days, vacations and even maternity leaves for expectant mothers plus an allowance.
Along with providing workers with benefits, the company has also put in place programs
that help to ensure the employees’ health and safety, (Carroll & Archie, 1991). Since Apple is a
production company a lot of the times employees might encounter some health problems when
working. The company has thus been able to provide the Apple EHS academy that is a program
aimed at improving employee’s health in the company and help them to have safety tips to avoid
getting into accidents.
Additionally, the company has enforced labor, and human rights act in place to cater for
the rights of its suppliers and employees. With this act in place, the company avoids its suppliers
from being exploited and ensures that their rights are catered for. Any contract dealings between
the company and its suppliers are outlined in the Suppliers code of conducts. The code helps to
deal with issues that affect the suppliers concerning any breach of contract, suppliers working
hours among other aspects. The company has also ensured that any workers who face abuse and
harsh conditions when working in the company should be compensated by setting aside money
to cater to them.
When it comes to the conserving the environment, Apple company is at the forefront.
Over the year, the company has been applauded by environmentalists for using recycled wood
fiber. This means that Apple helps in conserving and cleaning the environment by using paper
that is already used instead of cutting trees to manufacture new paper to use for their operations.
Moreover, the company has also reduced its energy use by introducing the Mac mini -computer.
This desktop saves a lot of energy and reduces power usage and wastage.
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The local community has also benefited from Apples Corporate responsibility. The
company has a program in place that allows its employees to support the community through
voluntary work. The program has been in place for almost six years down the line. The
employees are also given the right to choose the local projects being undertaken by the
communities that they want to participate in. The employees also get a chance to get engaged in
other activities taking place around them. They break the monotony that comes along with
tireless hours of working without doing something different for a change. The program, however,
is entirely voluntary.
Furthermore, Apple has a recycling program in place that is aimed at helping to recycle
its waste products rather than dumping them in the environment. The program is adopted by all
the company’s branches worldwide. The biggest menace that is slowly destroying the earth is
dropping of waste products anywhere. Without minding who comes into contact with the waste.
Besides that, emissions from industries and big production companies also affect the
environment we live in. Apple has however taken a step toward ensuring it reduces its carbon
emissions each year by introducing efficient ways that help reduce the emission of Carbon into
the atmosphere, (Carroll & Archie, 1991).
Making donations to the society is also a significant milestone in ensuring corporate
social responsibility. Apple, for instance, has made numerous cash donations to victims who
were affected by the hurricane Harvey which was experienced in the city of Texas. The hurricane
had caused billions of damage and destroyed a lot of property living a large number of American
citizens who resided in Texas homeless. However, Apple helped with donations that went a long
way in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. They showed their support for the affected citizens
thus showing their responsibility to the society. To add to the donations, the company has also
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demonstrated efforts by contributing over a billion dollars for the California wildlife fire
recovery efforts.
How Apple communicates its vision and mission.
The vision of a company clearly outlines the reason for its existence. A company without
a goal is one that is operating blindly in the industry. A mission statement is hence aimed at
providing the purpose of the company’s being and how it will serve the customer, investors, and
the community at large. The mission statements of companies also give an insight into the
company’s core values. On the other hand, vision statements cover the company’s goals and
objectives. The vision of a company usually states the company’s long-term strategies and what
the company aims at achieving in the future
Apple Inc., however, has a very specific mission and vision statements. According to,
(Johnson et al. 2012), the vision statement of the company was described by the current CEO of
Apple, Tim Cook. The vision statement of the company addresses the following aspects;
Innovation and simplicity
Primary control of technologies Made by the company.
Participation in markets that the company contributes to significantly.
Collaboration with innovative groups.
Apple has clearly shown that it adheres to its vision statement by continually focusing on
innovating its products often. For instance, Apple has introduced many versions of the iPhone
from the first iPhone till the iPhone X. Each of this iPhones is usually a better version of the
previous ones with innovations and improved features. The innovations are also very simple to
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use as the iPhone has features that make it easy for the customers to operate. The vision also
gives us an insight into the company’s culture that includes the corporation and collaboration
with other stakeholders and employees for better performance and success of the company.
Apple mission statement is also a vital integral part of the company’s being. The
mission statement of the company states that “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers
in the world, along with OS X, I Life, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital
music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone
with its revolutionary iPhone and App store, and is defining the future of mobile media and
computing devices with iPad.”The mission statement clearly describes what the company is and
what it values the most which is changing the digital world through its products.
Ways through which Apple has significantly impacted its employees and the community.
The company has put in place specific programs geared towards helping its employees
be comfortable in the workplace and improve their working conditions. The community has also
benefited from particular programs the company has put in place. For instance, the company has
put in place a program that helps children who come from communities with low income to get
an education, (Adam, 2012). In conjunction with NGO’s the company has identified children
who are struggling to get an education and sponsor them. The company has made it its endeavor
to provide the best quality education to the less fortunate children by introducing technological
advancements in their schools.
Another program that the company has put into place is the installation of solar electricity
in rural areas. The company has set aside a sizeable amount of money to ensure that solar energy
is installed in the regions that have no power. Also, the company has even gone ahead to offer
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training to women on the installation of the solar devices. Women empowerment is particularly
crucial in today’s generation. Women in rural areas are also trained in handicrafts and other
vocational courses that may help them earn a livelihood.
People with special needs have also not been left out in Apple’s development programs.
The company has ensured that it has a special education system in place. The program is geared
towards the study of the impacts of tablets on the visually impaired group. A lot of schools have
also been established through the able contributions and donations from the Apple Company.
On the employees' side, the company has made efforts to solve gender disparities and
dominance in the company. Almost forty percent of Apples’ workforce is women and people
from minority and the marginalized communities. All the employees receive equal pay according
to their job description. Employees are also empowered by being offered free training programs
in over eighteen Apple factories. (Crane et al.2013).
In conclusion, Apple has shown a considerable amount of corporate social responsibility
since the Tim Cook became the CEO of the company. Apple has significantly contributed to
positively impacting the environment through programs such building schools, planting trees,
using paper from recycled wood fiber, Funding livelihood training for women and helping
victims affected by the California wildfire and Hurricane Harvey. The company has also ensured
its employees enjoy specific benefits and have a conducive working environment always.
Corporate responsibility is thus essential in ensuring the company carries out its activities in an
ethical manner bearing in mind that they impact their workers and the society positively.
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