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Dear history-loving Junseo,
How are you Junseo? I think it took me a long time to write back to you. Actually, I found a
nice article that might draw your attention. Since, you are very interested in the history, and
knows the best, when it comes to the animal. I would like to introduce you a well-written
article about history and animals.
Have you ever heard of animal mummies? This article is about animal mummies in ancient
Egypt. Animal mummies show ancients’ attitude toward animals that they were not inferior to
people. Some animals were the protector of the deceased and some were regarded as
incarnations of particular gods mummified and buried with great pomp. However, since
animals in ancient Egypt were believed to have souls that could merge with the deities’ souls
after death, Dr. Bleiberg thinks that mummies were for asks. Animal mummification would
have been a means to approach the god and request, and an industry of ancient Egypt.
I was impressed at the new point of view that Dr. Bleiberg suggested. It is a well-known fact
that some animals were designated as deities. For example, jackals and wild dogs represent
Anubis. It is easy to think that ancient Egyptians made animal mummies to worship particular
gods. However, he suggested a different point of view. The animal mummies were a method
to ask for help to deities than worship them. Also, proposing animal mummification as an
industry of ancient Egypt was an innovative idea. If animal mummification turns out as a
major industry, It will advance the understand of ancient Egyptian culture. This article is
different from the fact that it is not only introducing a strange fact but also presenting a new
perspective. However, since experts do not write it, it might be hard for you to look for
details and specific examples. It is mostly talking about general facts of ancient Egyptian
culture. Overall, I think it is written easily as to attract attention from the ordinary person.
If you have an interest in this theme, I think it would be a nice subject for you to research on.
Finding out the difference between human mummies and animal mummies, studying about
animal mummy industry will receive attention from other archeologists. Also, it might
present a new perspective on ancient Egyptian culture and industries.
Thanks for reading my letter and let me know if you want to get more materials about this
subject. I have found a lot more references for you to refer. Check my citations if you would
like to read the article. See you!
Jaeryeong Kim
Graeber, L. (2017, October 1). Ancient Egyptian Animals Had a Place in the Afterlife. Here’s
Why. New York Times. Retrieved from
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