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Holes Final Project

Final Project/Assignments
ELA 6/7
A) Main Idea and Supporting Information – Elements of Fiction – novel Holes
You have handouts for Plot, Theme and Setting. Follow these directions!
With a partner or on your own, read the handouts and highlight words and phrases
(2 – 5 words) that you think are important to the topic you are reading about.
 This is called picking out the main ideas and supporting information.
 If you do not have a highlighter, I will find you one. You must do all three
 You will be handing in these handouts with your highlighting so even if you are
working with a partner, you must highlight your own sheets.
 Show Mrs. H. when you are done all three handouts.
Choose the two handouts that you think you understood the main ideas for the best. Take them
to the computer lab. Keep the third one on your desk.
Go to wordart.com and play around with the site, experimenting with how to make a word
cloud. Experiment with shape, color, font etc.
On your own, create a word cloud for each of the handouts. So, you have to do two word
clouds in total.
 The first word in your word list should be the topic of the handout. ( Example:
Setting, Theme or Plot)
 Add the highlighted words and phrases from your handout. Minimum is 20
words /phrases to max of 60 for each.
 Type them in carefully! 1 mark off for each spelling mistake.
You will only print one in color and one in black and white. You can print the one you want in
black and white by clicking print. To print one in color, you will have to save it by clicking save
and then logging in as Mrs. Hansford. Print it in black and white first to hand in with your name
on it. I will print the color version for you.
User name MelissaHansford
Password Holes
Email [email protected]
By the end of the 2 periods, you need to hand in the following with your name on everything!
3 handouts with highlighted words/phrases that are important to the main idea of the
2 Black and White – word clouds printed. 1 should be saved on the website so I can print it in
color for our bulletin board.
Next day – Part B – Character – Individual Assignment/Test
Wednesday - Test – multiple choice and short answer
Thursday – Potluck and movie, Holes –
Friday – Enjoy EASTER BEAK!
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