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Criticism against planned approach

Criticism against planned approach
-cannot handle contingency, world is changing fast
-too rigid, too dependent on senior managers who don’t actually know the consequences of the
-advocating a top‐down, management‐driven approach to change and ignoring situations requiring
bottom‐up change
-presumes that all stakeholders in a change project are willing and interested in implementing it,
and that a common agreement can be reached
Emergent vs Planned (explaination)
-the emergent approach has gained ground in respond to the critism of planned approach
E-Taking this view means you are more likely to manage change as part of what happens naturally in
an organisation, and perhaps see interventions as cyclical or iterative.
P-A successful change project must, therefore, involve the three steps of unfreezing the present
level, moving to the new level and refreezing this new level.
- Presume environment is constant and have ways to handle it
- Presume environment keep changing and organization must be ready for change