approach in implementing change

The Emergent Change Approach
•It is a new approach which lacks agreed methods and techniques
•This approach stresses the developing and unpredictable nature of the change
•Change is viewed as a process that unfolds through the interplay of multiple variables within
the organization
•There is no single prescription for managing organizational transitions successfully
Emergent Approaches Summary
•Change is continuous process
•It involves experimentation, adaption and risk taking
•Incremental change leads to wholesale change
•Managers must foster a climate of learning and experimentation
•Managers must create a collective vision for the organization
•The key organizational processes:
Information gathering
 Communication
Characteristics emergent approaches
•key activities should be information-gathering, communication and learning.
•Change is seen as a continuous process of learning and experimentation in order to
adapt and align to a turbulent environment
•Small-scale changes over time can lead to larger changes in the organizations
•Managers should create a climate of risk-taking and empower employees through par
ticipative management of the change process
•Managers should create a collective vision to direct the change process
•Key activities should be information-gathering, communication and learning.