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Shackleton's Voyage Project in Assignment 6.

Tyler Laine
Stranded at sea
I was on a cruise when the boat started to shake. I thought it might be the water
little did i know that we hit a big rock in the ocean and our boat was about to sink.
After the shaking the boat came to a stop. People asked what was going on the
instructors told everyone to get to the life rafts. As many people as there could
got to the life rafts and we all rowed toward a little island. This island was not
very big but it would do the job till we were rescued. We reach the island and a
bunch of samolin pirates jump out from the trees. These people looked very
intent in having our lives. We tried to get away but they threw spears at out boats
popping them. For 2 months we lived on this island with these people in captivity.
All until we saw a helicopter coming towards us we flag them down and the land
on the island. This helicopter held 5 people only there was 250 of us so we put
the people that helped us survive first on the helicopter they eventually showed
us with bigger and more choppers and we were all rescued.