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DHA Education System
Lectures on Manners and Etiquettes
Topic: Simplicity and Humility
The topic will be introduced by showing the KG students a story on simplicity and humility.
Once there lived a hare who boasted a lot about the things that he could do and the things that he
could not. He kept on bullying the tortoise for being very slow. The upset tortoise proposed a race
with the hare. The hare just laughed and made fun of the tortoise. The next day came and the
tortoise stood ready for the race. The hare was shocked to see him there and gave an awkward
gaze. The hare thought tortoise just meant it for fun but the tortoise really meant it. All the animals
gathered and were thrilled to watch this race. They all saw tortoise’s willpower and it left them
amazed. The whistle blew and the race began with cheers. The tortoise moved slowly while the
hare ran swiftly. The hare was far ahead leaving the tortoise way behind. The tortoise moved
slowly and steadily and didn’t seem to mind. The over confident hare wanted to take rest as he
thought that tortoise will never win even if he tries his best. Soon the hare was fast asleep under a
tree and the tortoise slowly crawled ahead with patience. When the tortoise reached the winning
post he thought about all the boasting the hare has done. The tortoise crossed the finish line to loud
applause and cheers. Hearing the cheers the hare woke up feeling shocked. He rushed a head only
to find that tortoise had won the race. Feeling bad the hare repented and lowered his head in
disgrace. He congratulated the tortoise and promised not to bully him anymore. The tortoise was
thankful and shared his trophy with the hare.
For juniors:
Topic will be introduced by showing them an enlarged figure or outline of a person on any hard
material (carton / card board / soft board). From his/her attire and accessories (crown, a foam
finger saying “I’m # 1”, a shirt saying “I Rock”) difference between humility and lavish lifestyle
will be shown. Humbleness will be shown by writing sentences on thought bubbles (phrases like
“I’m better than you”, “Ha ha I won!”). Students will be engaged by asking them about what
they think the figure represents?
After the video and the activity simplicity and humility will be explained to students.
Simplicity means not to be proud and not to believe that one is better than other people. Being
humble is to treat people with kindness. Example: You live a simple life by eating simple food
and wearing simple clothes. You are easy to talk to and understand.
Main Body:
How to be simple and humble in daily life?
How? Ask the students and discuss with them examples from daily life.
Serve others around you. Grand parents, teachers, school custodians and other staff. Example:
open the door for other people whether they are young or old, male or female.
Value others including their family members, class mates, school staff etc. One way to do that is
not to call your maid / driver / cook with his / her name. Instead use uncle and aunt or Aya Ji etc.
Acknowledge your mistakes and be able to say sorry when you are wrong.
Learn not to lie and avoid bad sportsmanship. Example: If you do not win in any game or sports,
accept it and congratulate the other person.
Be thankful and not be proud. Example: Say thank you to your mother and father for everything
they do for you.
Share. Example: If you get good marks you should not boast about it. If you are good at something,
share your skill with your friend.
Observe simplicity in your food habits. Take simple but nourishing food.
Observe simplicity in your clothes. You should not force your parents to buy expensive clothes for
you. Rather you should focus more on wearing neat and tidy clothes as per the occasion.
 Know your limitation when you go for outing with family like how many toys you are allowed to
demand per month and how many times you are allowed to take rides?
 Do not feel ashamed while washing your plates, ironing clothes, tidying up your room and
cupboards as all these tasks and chores make us humble.
 Never humiliate special needs children, instead help them as much as you can in your capacity.
 Acknowledge others help when doing a project by using the courtesy words like ‘thank you’, or ‘I
couldn’t have done it without your help’.
Why to be simple and humble in daily life?
Being humble allows us to learn good manners. It allows us to build good relationship with people
around us and make us good sportsmen by allowing sharing which in turn helps us to achieve more.
When you do Ibadah you are expressing your humbleness. When Allah asked all angels to bow in
front of Adam, Iblees who was a jin refused to do so. This caused him to be removed from Paradise.
Have you ever visited a mosque on Friday with your father? Have you ever noticed that Namaz is
performed in rows where everyone stands together? There is no special place for the rich or
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced humbleness in all his actions like walking, talking, sitting
and eating. The Prophet (PBUH) did not behave towards others as if he was better than them. He
tidied his house, tied camels, fed animals, ate meals with his servants, and helped them in everyday
Juniors will be given a worksheet to do on humility. This will be provided to the teachers to be
distributed amongst students of every class.
DHA Education System
Lectures on Manners and Etiquettes
Topic: Simplicity and Humility
What’s the difference between simplicity and humility? And how they are related?
The simplicity of something is the fact that it is not complicated and can be understood or
done easily. Simplicity is living a more simple life, being easy to talk to or understand.
Someone who has humility is not proud and does not believe they are better than other people.
Humility is the act of being humble, non-judgmental, treating people with kindness, no matter who
they are.
Main Body:
How and why to be simple and humble in daily life? What aspects of life it affects?
Being humble allows us to learn and grow more. It allows us to build good relationship with
people around us and make us good sportsmen by allowing sharing which in turn helps us to
achieve more. Simplicity helps us get closer to Allah because we don’t waste time and money on
useless stuff as taught to us by Quran. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived a really simple life and
his life is a teaching for us. All this helps us never forget about Allah and refrain from doing bad
We should observe simplicity in our food habits. We should take simple but nourishing food. We
should also observe simplicity in our clothes. We should observe simplicity in our speech and
Let’s discus why does humility matter?
 Learning:
Humility helps you focus on what you don’t know. In the process, you learn more and continue to
 Relationships:
Life is about people and relationships. Now ask yourself, would you rather make a showoff your
friend or someone who puts your needs first? The answer is easy.
 Teamwork:
Life is a team sport. The greater people you surround yourself with, the more you will achieve.
 Achievement:
Achievement is not always about what you do. It starts with the help you get along the way. The
more humble you are, the more likely that help will come to you.
‘The funny thing about humility is the second you think you have it, you don’t’.
Claude Bernard said:
“It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.”
Once you accept that idea that you don’t know everything – no matter how much you think you
know – even the simplest person will have something to teach you if you are humble enough to
Albert Einstein said, “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know’.
Can humility and self-confidence go side by side?
As a matter a fact, humility encourages self-confidence. Truly confident people are very self-aware
...they know their strengths, weaknesses and flaws. They understand they are far from being perfect
thus they constantly work to progress. They are humble in their accomplishments. They respect
others, value them and never underestimate anyone...that's why they are successful.
Simplicity and humbleness in Islam
The word Ibadah means to express humbleness. It was Iblees pride that got him kicked out of
Paradise; when he refused to bow before Adam.
The main pillar of Ibadah, is the prayer. It is performed in rows where all men stand before Allah
as equals. There is no special place for the rich or powerful.
Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) character was one of complete humility. Every aspect of his life
reflected humbleness, even his walking, talking, sitting or eating. One of his companions reported
that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worked happily with servants or workers. Other companions
related that the Prophet tidied his house, tied camels, feed animals, ate meals with his servants,
and helped them in kneading dough and bringing provisions from the market. It was also reported
that he used to visit the sick, attend funerals, ride on a donkey, slow down his pace for the sake of
the weak and accept invitations from the poor.
How can you become simple and humble?
 Don’t think you’re too good for everything you do. Accept that you’re not the best at
 Recognize your flaws and accept your mistakes. You have your shortcomings. You can’t be
perfect all the time. Admit when you’re wrong.
 Avoid bragging. If you are talented and skilled, you should share it with the others and humbly
bow before Allah.
 Be grateful for what you have and what you don’t.
 Ask for advice. Don’t hesitate to ask for other’s views. Be open to criticism.
 Keep your wardrobe simple. Don’t get swept away by the famous brands.
 Eliminate digital distractions. Don’t buy expensive gadgets. They are to make your life easy
and make communication faster but they turn out to be a nuisance when overused.
 Make the other person center of the conversation, not yourself.
 Praise others when they do something good that needs to be appreciated.
 Try to become a good listener and listen more than you speak.
 Don’t argue when someone points out a flaw. Look for the ways you need to improve upon it.
 Display good sportsman spirit even if you don’t win a game etc.
 Get off your high horse. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Open the door for other people
whether they are young or old, male or female.
 Greet the person cleaning the bathrooms in a public building. Ask your waiter / waitress / maid /
driver their name and then use it or call them uncle and aunt.
 Discover what others have to offer and ask for their opinions before offering yours. It shows that
you value their opinions as well as their insight.
 Simple lifestyle of celebs.
Many examples are there like Quaid – e - Azam and Edhi etc.
Albert Einstein
Claude Bernard