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Aquaman video guide

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Aquaman Video Guide: Evolution of a Species
**Please follow along and answer the following questions regarding evolution and adaptation displayed within the movie.
1. At the beginning of the movie, what is the environment like? Please describe.
2. What makes the Atlantians so advance?
3. Since Atlantis sunk, what are 3 changes the people of Atlantis experience?
4. What happened to those Atlantians that were unable to evolve? Explain why.
5. What are 3 ways the Atlantians changed in order to survive in their world today?
6. In the movie, what are 2 of the environmental dangers shown?
7. What is one main difference between how the Atlantians adapted and Aquaman adapted?
8. If you were an Atlantian, what is something you would do to help preserve the environment?
9. Where does the movie mainly take place?
10. Do you feel the Atlantians and the land people could work together to survive and evolve? Why?
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