Uploaded by Elizabeth Carolina Del McDonald

Introduction to SC History LP


Lesson plan: Geography of South Carolina

Grade: 8 th Grade

Subject: South Carolina History

Topic: Intro to SC History, About Me, Rules & Procedures

Length: 90 minutes


No standard indicated, needed for classroom management and environment purposes


Roll of toilet tissue (or more depending on class size)

 PowerPoint presentations o Rules and Procedures o About Me o Introduction to SC History

 Index Cards (for personal info)



Instruct students to pick up copy of syllabus and an index card from green bookshelf, find a seat, and begin working on the task on the board as they walk in from the hallway.


Pre-Hawk Focus (10 minutes) a.

Have PowerPoint on screen instructing students to add themselves to your Google Classroom with the code on the board. Once they are in, have them complete the Pre-Hawk Focus – setting up Hawk Focus assignment. i.

Make sure when you assign the assignment that you make a copy for each student. ii.

Make sure students fill in the header and to read the footer iii.

Mark as done, do not submit your Hawk Focus template here, you will submit it to a specific assignment in two weeks.


Introduction to you and South Carolina History (45 minutes) a.

Go over short PowerPoint presentation about yourself i.

Allow for questions at the end b.

Open Intro to SC History PowerPoint i.

Have students get out their syllabus ii.

Introduce the class and the major themes/topics you will be covering this year iii.

Allow for questions at the end iv.

Remind them that the last page is to be complete and returned, signed by a parent


Open Rules and Procedures PowerPoint presentation i.

Go over Rules and Procedures PPT ii.

Introduce what a constitution is iii.

Open ActivInspire FlipChart – “Classroom Constitution”


Read through and ask for suggestions


Make amendments & have students sign on their own class page


Get to know the students (20 minutes) a.

Pass a roll of toilet paper around the classroom—tell students that it is for an activity and to take as much as they think they need, but to leave the strip they tear off intact b.

Go around the room and have each student stand and tell a fact about them for every sheet of toilet paper they unspooled c.

Pick one student to take the trashcan and pick up all trash at the end


Instruct students to find their index card and grab a pencil or pen (10 minutes) a.

Label the index card with the following i.

Last Name, First Name ii.

Address iii.

Home Phone Number iv.

Any health problems I should know about b.

Have one person bring them to my desk


Homework – complete the Google Forum in Classroom entitled “About Me Exit Ticket” a.

This will be graded