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Sequences and Series Quiz Review
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Part I: Find the first four terms of the given sequence and tell whether the sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither.
1) π‘Šπ‘› = π‘Šπ‘›βˆ’1 + 15; π‘Š1 = βˆ’145
π‘Š2 =___________
2) 𝐡𝑛 =
π‘Š3 =___________ π‘Š4 =___________ Type:
𝐡2 =___________
𝐡3 =___________ 𝐡4 =___________ Type:
3) 𝑄𝑛 = 200(. 25)𝑛
𝑄2 =___________
𝑄3 =___________ 𝑄4 =___________ Type:
Part II: Sequences and Series in Context
4) Suppose you practice the piano for 45 min on the first day of the semester and increase your practice time by 15 min
each day. How much total time will you devote to practicing during the first 15 days of the semester?
5) There are 650,000 people in a city. Every 15 minutes, the local radio and television stations broadcast a tornado
warning. During each 15-minute time period, 42% or the people who had not yet hear the warning become aware of
the approaching tornado. How many people still have not heard the news after 1 hour? After 2 hours?
6) Beth is fascinated with sea shells and she collects them every day at the beach. She starts with 32 sea shells in her
collection. Each day, Beth will add 12 new sea shells to her collection. After 49 days of collecting sea shells, how many
sea shells in total will Mary have?
7) Suppose a secretary’s first-year teaching salary is $30,000 and she receives a 3% raise each year. What will her total
earnings be for the first 8 years of work?
Part III: Find a specific term in an arithmetic or geometric sequence. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth if
necessary. Show your work.
8) 600, 150, 37.5, …, 𝑑7
9) -204, -193.3, -182.6, …, 𝑑200
Part IV: Series
10) Evaluate βˆ‘6𝑛=1 𝑛2
11) Evaluate βˆ‘16
𝑛=1 2𝑛 + 5
12) Evaluate the series 328 + 313 + 298 + β‹― + 58
1 π‘›βˆ’1
13) Find the sum of terms 1 to 25 of the sequence 𝐺𝑛 = 600 (2)
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