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Life Changes and Technology changes and Breaks family ties

Life Changes and Technology changes and Breaks family ties
In this fast changing technological world we humans dont mind anything that happens around us but lets
just take up a few moments reading this to know what is around us, each one of us have an ambition of ,
actually to become like something or to be inspired by a person and become like them but I didn't have any
idea.My friends usually ask me what would you like to become, but I tell them I don't know , and then they
just shout at me saying that I am a dumb person. Unlike other person that is my friends I don't go away from
my parents I love them as they love me.But in this fast moving world the people dont care about their
parents and just move away to just work to earn money and they live their own life to the fullest but some
parents do worry about their children but they don't understand. And I really learnt a lot and thought that I
won't do like that in my life. Umm.....
It's not that they need not work but whatever the technology changes they can't just move on and just
leave their parents in a lonely world. Even the teens have a smartphone and live with it and thinks that it is
their world, that is foolish its nothing!!!. I just wanna wake the people out from their machine life and just
spend a few minutes with family and not always where they work everyday and enjoy the weekends wit
friends and party. I just had a practical vision and it just happens in all countries and where they just move
out. I especially wanna mention the people who seek their work abroad and later settle there. I do spend
my life with my parents always, at least take a few minutes with your parents and enjoy your life with them
and have fun life is not anything else for a teen or an adult it is their and the world is only their parents.
I have a simple example I you just move out from your parents you just learn bad thing quickly and spoils
your life. And the best example is my dad and but, no one knows my dad but at least ask your dad or mom
how it is and speak to them. And now its all up to you whether to take this up or not. There is always a
proverb for everything the gooseberry is always sour in the beginning but when you completely eat is as
sweet as you think.