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Competitive Strategy of Shan Ghee
Cater customer needs by offering them products
and services
• Shan Ghee has set a reasonable price and quality
• Adds value to product
• operates at commercial level to hotels and
• No direct competitors in Lahore
• Gains competitive advantage
• Shan Ghee remains efficient in Quality and Price
Shan Ghee Supply Chain Design
• Involves decision about structure of supply
• Processes involved such as
inventory,facilities,information system and
• Shan Ghee located in Kot Lakhpat and
distributors supplying product.
• Very efficient Supply Chain Design.
Shan Ghee Strategic fit
Quantity of product needed each lot:
• Shan Ghee has latest machinery to meet demands of customers
• Total installed capacity 150M tons per day
• Shan Ghee Production unit is 100M tons per day
Response time needed each a lot:
• Shan Ghee has good relationships with distributors
• Extra percent added to battle shortage and fulfill demands
• Good response time
• Shan Ghee sends trucks to distributors incase they don’t have transport.
• Product available when needed by customers
Variety of products needed:
• Shan Ghee offers single type of ghee and oil to customers in different sizes
• Customers can choose which would suit their requirements
• Usage rate fulfilled
Service level required:
• No service level from customers as they would buy from retailers
• Retailers and Distributors are direct customers who expect quantity
• Get the product on right time
• Shan Ghee has good relationships with direct customers
Price of product:
• Shan Ghee has reasonable prices that can target middle class and
lower middle class
Implied Demand Uncertainity:
• It is always required when needed due to good relationship; they can
provide oil and ghee when required
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