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Reproduction Dating Game

I am the reproductive system
that consists of the testes,
ducts, accessory glands and
Who am I?
The Male Reproductive System.
I am the pouch of skin inside
that hangs outside the body
which holds and protects the
Who am I?
The Scrotum.
I am the male sex cell and
contain only 23 chromosomes.
I produce sperm and the
hormone testosterone.
Who am I?
The Sperm.
Who am I?
The Testis.
I am the tube for passage of
sperm from the epididymis to
the penis.
I am the hormone produce by
the testes.
Who am I?
The Vas Deferens.
Who am I?
I am the tube leading from
bladder/prostate to outside
held within penis and also
transport sperm and urine
outside the body.
Who am I?
The Urethra.
I am a coiled tube where sperm
is stored until it matures after
it leaves the testis.
Who am I?
The Epididymis
I produce nutrients and
lubrication for transport of
sperm known as semen.
Who am I?
The Seminal Vesicles.
I am the male sex organ and
urinary organ/the male
reproductive organ.
Who am I?
The Penis.
I am the female sex hormones
produced by the ovaries.
Who am I?
Estrogen and Progesterone.
I am the break down and
release of unfertilized eggs
wherein the lining of the uterus
is shed.
Who am I?
I produce the eggs in a female
and am also the gland that
produces estrogen and
I am the tube that connects the
ovary to the uterus and this is
also where fertilization occurs.
Who am I?
Who am I?
The Ovaries.
The Fallopian Tubes/The Oviduct
I am the process in sexual
reproduction in which male
and female reproductive cells
join to form a new cell.
I am the monthly release of a
mature egg cell form the ovary.
Who am I?
I am a muscular organ where
fertilized egg develops into a
Who am I?
The Uterus.
Who am I?
I am the elastic muscular tube
that leads from uterus to
outside of body and functions as
the passageway for
menstruation and fetus during
Who am I?
The Vagina.
I am the neck-like structure
between the uterus and the
I am the mucous membrane that
vagina which will expand when
lines the uterus.
giving birth.
Who am I?
Who am I?
The Uterus.
I am the time of life when sex
glands become functional.
Who am I?
I am the whip-like projection
that enables the locomotion of a
cell; sperm use me to swim.
Who am I?
The Flagella.
I am the thick fluid containing
sperm and other secretions
from the male reproductive
Who am I?
I am a fertilized egg.
Who am I?
The Zygote.
I am another name for sex cells
(both male and female).
Who am I?
The Gametes.
I am the hair-like projections
on the outside of cells that
move in a wavelike manner; in
the fallopian tubes, I help
transport the egg from ovary to
Who am I?
The Cilia
I am the structure through
which female and male genetic
information combine to create
offspring with genetic
variation; the egg provides 23 of
me and the sperm provides the
other 23.
Who am I?
The Chromosome.
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