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Brand Migration
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Honeywell migrating brands?
Honeywell has the broadest portfolio of industrial safety brands. We have begun migrating
our brands to a single unified brand strategy to deliver a more consistent customer
experience across all our brands.
What does the brand migration mean for Honeywell’s current Endorsed Brands?
Endorsed Brands have begun to migrate to House and Master Brands. Over time, Endorsed
Brands will become less prominent on product designs, packaging and marketing
What is the difference between an Endorsed Brand and a House Brand?
Honeywell’s current family of brands are known as Endorsed Brands. Their logos consists
of each brand’s legacy logo with a “by Honeywell” endorsement.
House Brands will have an emphasis on Honeywell with a smaller image of the legacy
brand logo underneath. A House Brand logo is a single graphic element – like an image. No
part of it can be altered in any way, such as having one logo placed next to the other or
modifying their size ratio.
Much of the brand migration effort will be focused on migrating product, packaging and
marketing materials from Endorsed Brands to House Brands.
Brand Migration
Frequently Asked Questions
Will the Endorsed Brands disappear?
No, Endorsed Brands will not disappear. Selected brands will remain as Endorsed Brands
and not be impacted by the brand transition. Endorsed Brands that are transitioning will
continue to feature their logos as part of the House Brand logos. This will ensure a smooth
brand transition for customers, reinforcing the trust and loyalty they have in these
important brands.
Will there be a transitional period where there will be a mix of legacy and newly branded
products in the market?
Yes, customers can expect a transitional period where products may have a mix of legacy
and new brands. In effort to minimize environmental wastes, Honeywell is working
diligently with our manufacturing plants to deplete all inventory of legacy branded
products before switching to the new brands.
The migration is strictly a brand change and will not affect the quality, functionality or
usage of the products.
How will the brand migration affect New Product Introductions (NPIs)?
The Honeywell brand will become more prominent on product designs, packaging and
marketing communications for NPIs in effort to expedite the brand migration and minimize
the transitional period.
What does this migration truly mean to me as a customer?
Customers can expect to see more products and marketing materials which leverage
Honeywell investments in Honeywell User Experience (HUE) and Design Language
Strategy (DLS). This means every customer touch-point from the launch communications
to the out-of-box experience will provide a simpler, more elegant, and intuitive user
experience. Over time, customers can expect a consistent customer experience throughout
the purchasing cycle.
Brand Migration
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there other changes I can expect during the brand migration?
Customers can also expect a better digital experience, from a single, easy to use website to
apps which are designed with greater consistency.
Will I have a new sales representative / account manager because of this change?
All contacts will remain the same. Your current sales representative / account manager will
continue to assist you with all your safety needs.
Will the migration to the new brand affect the integrity of the products?
No, this is strictly a brand change. There will be no change in the quality, performance,
availability, price, or warranty of products due to the brand migration.
Some legacy products may require new Certifications/Approvals as a result of the branding
How will I be made aware of the brand migration effort?
We have planned a series of external communications including emails and webinars
which will be deployed throughout the brand migration. Honeywell will continue to keep
this landing page up to date with the latest brand migration updates.