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Saint Jorge writing

Once upon a time, a girl was born. This girl was named Charlotte. Since day she was
born, her future was decided, but she never knew. When she was born, the first thing
their parents did was to dress her with pink clothes. All her birth presents were dolls,
pink dresses and pricess-related things. The first 10 months she played happily with
dose toys, but then, she started being bored. But her parents didn’t realized, so they
forced her to play somethings that she didn’t like. One year later, this girl went to
kindergarten (pre-school) with her pink dress. She felt unconfortable in that dress, she
didn’t really liked it. When she entered in the class, a new world started for her. She
realized that there where more than Disney princes and dresses, she realized she loved
football, constructions and lego. When she got home with her father, she saw
something she didn’t reconize. It was a strange hair ball that was moving and disturbing.
But suddenly, they changed a look, and they felt like knowing each other since the day
they were birth. Since that special moment, they were soulmates. That little girl grew up,
and, at sixteen, she was a normal girl. She was never femenine, she was more like
neutral. Then, she realized she didn’t like boys, she liked girls. During years, she loved
girls, and, at the age of twenty-one, she started feeling strange, she didn’t like her body,
she didn’t felt comfortable in her body, she didn’t felt like being right, she felt like a
mistake on the Earth, but it was jus a feeling, something mental, so she did not listen to
that feeling, she just pulled the feeling away. At that time she was with a girl called
Jane. One day, her girlfriend realized she wasn’t a girl. She realized she was John, not
Jana. After that knowledge, Charlotte started thinking about possibilities, and she got to
the conclusion that he wasn’t a girl, she was a boy. When she knew that, she felt bad.
All doubts attacked her: What if their parents didn’t like that, what if her boyfriend didn’t
like her if she was a girl?
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