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Geopolitics Revision Session
To what extent
‘to a great extent/to a lesser extent…address the question
Last year’s exam:
1. assertive statement – more to say / allusivity / multiplicity
2. Chilcot Inquiry/Art – quite descriptive – try and say what is particularly
interesting/what matters
3. Specific explanation – but only partial
4. Pipeline disputes / material things
Balance between ideas/theory and examples
Don’t summarise the topic
Event drives our thinking to some extent – if we focus too much on theory, are we
responding to the event?
Don’t use coursework
Lecture 1 – the event: Ingram ch. 2 = 9 points but a logic to the sequence
1. Shocking, unpredicted, contingent nature = only shocking to some people in
certain ways? E.g. 9/11 – instantaneous vs. anthropocene
Lecture 2/3 – Britain’s Iraq War – ‘britain’s war’ issue in its own right
Andrew’s part of course: wider debates
Russian Revolution – Marx/Gramsci
Post-politics – condition in which events don’t really happen
Occupy/Extinction Rebellion – calling for system change
Technology/resources: role of materials/materialities of geopolitical events
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