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Circulatory Station Rotation Directions for 3 Stations

General Biology
Station 1-Blood Vessels & Organ System Interaction
1. In the Schoology Circulatory Station Folder, there is a
Blood Vessel Quiz, please complete it.
2. In the same folder, please the Blood Vessel Fill-In
3. In the Schoology Circulatory Station Folder, there is a
fill-in the flow of blood through the heart
assessment. Please label the parts of the heart and
denote the direction that blood travels and if it is
oxygenated or not.
General Biology
Station 2-Circulation
1. As a group, you will create a short video that shows
the path that blood takes as it travels in the
circulatory system.
2. Half of your group will draw it out on the whiteboard
and the other half will write out the steps as well as
voice the video.
3. This video can be done using Explain Everything or
using the provided whiteboards, markers and one
the tablets to create a video.
4. Your pathways must include:
a. superior vena cava & inferior vena cava
b. right ventricle & left ventricle
c. right atrium & left atrium
d. pulmonary vs. systemic circulation
e. aorta, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein
f. lungs/alveoli
5. Make sure all group members names are included
somehow (could be in title of video or as a comment
on the submission)
General Biology
Station 3-Blood Components
1. Label the below centrifuge
2. Please complete the blood components quizizz.
Game code is : 958220 https://join.quizizz.com
3. Why is blood type such a big deal when it comes to
transplants and transfusions? Relate to the immune
4. Please complete the Blood Pressure Fill-in-the-Blank
File on Schoology.
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