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European Imperialism Webquest (1870-1915)
Directions: Visit the following website to answer the questions below. To complete this
webquest you will need to follow directions carefully and only answer the questions on this sheet
– not all those on the website.
Part One: Click on the link below to answer the following questions:
A. Imperialism Map
1. How many different countries have colonies?
2. Which country has the largest colonial empire?
3. Which continents are almost completely controlled by other countries?
a. Which continents are only controlled by a few countries?
B. Data on Colonial Empire
4. About how many square miles of territory does France control?
5. What is the TOTAL population controlled by the five countries shown in this chart?
6. Based on this information, which country has the largest colonial empire?
a. Does this answer agree with your answer to question 2 above in “Imperialism
Map”? Why or why not?
Part Two: Return to the main page above and click on the “Imperialism in China” link. Use the
information on this link to answer the following questions.
A. The Opium War (1839)
7. How do you think opium led to a war?
8. Which two countries fought in the Opium Wars?
9. What was the main reason for the conflict between these two countries?
10. Look at the chart. Why do you think the war began in 1839?
11. What problems did opium cause for the people of China?
B. The Treaty of Nanking
12. What do you think was agreed upon in this treaty?
13. What three conditions do you think were most favorable to the British? Explain why
you chose each.
a. Condition #1
b. Condition #2
c. Condition #3
14. What do you think the effect of this treaty will be on the people of China?
C. Rebellions in China Complete the following chart based on what you read:
Cause(s) of Rebellion
Description (what happened)
The Taiping Rebellion
The Boxer Rebellion
Effect of the Rebellion
Part Three:
A. The Berlin Conference (1884)
15. List the three reasons why Europeans wanted to take over Africa.
16. What agreements came out of the Berlin Conference?
17. What considerations were made by the Europeans to the native Africans?
B. The Scramble for Africa
18. Use the “African Political Divisions in 1913” pie chart to answer the following:
a. How many countries had colonies in Africa by 1913?___________________
b. What percentage of Africa was colonized by
c. What percentage of Africa was controlled by the two countries with the most
d. What percentage of Africa was controlled by the other European
countries?________________ e. Would the pie chart have been the same if there
hadn’t been a Berlin Conference? Why or why not?
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