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Homework #3
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Name: Geunuk Na
Question 1: How would the lag in daily temperature experienced over land compare to the daily
temperature lag over water?
Answer: Daily temperature lag over water would be greater than over land, assuming that the air
temperature over the water is not influenced by the temperature from land nearby.
Question 2: In the Northern Hemisphere, south-facing mountain slopes normally have a greater
diurnal range in temperature than north-facing slopes. Why?
Answer: When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, the Southern Hemisphere is
tilted away from the sun. Longer hours of daylight and more intense sunlight produce summer in
the Northern Hemisphere, while, in the Southern Hemisphere, shorter daylight hours and less
intense sunlight produce winter. In a more local setting, Earth’s inclination influences the amount
of solar energy received on the north and south side of a hill, as well as around a home.