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Strength of Materials
Q1 Using Mohr’s Circle, determine the principal stresses, the maximum
in-plane shear stress, and average normal stress. Specify the
orientation of the element in each case.
Q1 - Solution
Q2Determine the equivalent state of stress on an element at the point which
represents (a) the principal stresses and (b) the maximum in-plane shear
stress and the associated average normal stress. Also, for each case,
determine the corresponding orientation of the element with respect to
the element shown and sketch the results on the element.
Q2 - Solution
Q2 - Solution
Q2 - Solution
Gear B supplies 15 kW of power, while gears A, C and D withdraw 6 kW, 4 kW
and 5 kW, respectively. If the shaft is made of steel with the allowable shear
stress of τallow = 75 MPa, and the relative angle of twist between any two gears
cannot exceed 0.05 rad, determine the required minimum diameter d of the
shaft to the nearest millimeter. The shaft is rotating at 600 rpm. Gst = 75(109)
Q3 - Solution
Q3 - Solution
The plug has a diameter of 30 mm and fits within a rigid sleeve having an
inner diameter of 32 mm. Both the plug and the sleeve are 50 mm long.
Determine the axial pressure p that must be applied to the top of the plug to
cause it to contact the sides of the sleeve. Also, how far must the plug be
compressed downward in order to do this? The plug is made from a
material for which E = 5 MPa, ν = 0.45.
Q4 - Solution