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Poetry Vocabulary Quiz

Extra Credit Poetry Vocabulary
Use the dictionary and the textbook in order to match the vocabulary words to the definitions.
a. The repeating sounds, words, phrases, or
_____1. Alliteration
whole lines to single them out from the
_____2. Free verse
_____3. Imagery
rest of the poem
b. A word stands for something beyond
_____4. Line Breaks
_____5. Metaphor
c. The feeling that you get from reading
_____6. Mood
d. The use of a word that sounds like the
word it describes
_____7. Onomatopoeia
e. A phrase that compares two unlike things
_____8. Personification
_____9. Poetry
using “like” or “as”
_____10. Prose
_____11. Repetition
_____12. Rhyme
A direct comparison of two unlike things
that share one quality in common
g. Human qualities given to an animal, idea
or object
h. The matching of final vowel sounds in
_____13. Rhythm
two or more words
_____14. Simile
The beat of the poem
_____15. Stanza
The repeating of beginning consonant
sounds in a phrase
_____16. Symbolism
k. The creation of detailed pictures using
sensory details
The natural form of communication; like
ordinary speech writing
m. A way of communicating emotions or
ideas using refined language, symbolism
and verses
n. The poet decides to go to a new line in
the middle of a sentence
o. A section of a poem that is entirely one
p. A type of poem that does not have rhyme
or rhythm
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