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By Murad Shakhvaladov
Joy Division is a English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford,
Greater Manchester by a bunch of young men.
The Joy Division were among the first bands that “focus not only
on hate and energy, but also on mood and expression, clearing the
way for melancholic alternative music of the early 1980s. So now
this band has legendary status and they considered as creators of
new punk-rock genre called post-punk
Their music progressed rapidly, from primitive
straight-line punk rock to more refined, spatial
sound with gloomy, doomed song-visions.
There were four band
members: Ian, Bernard,
Peter and Stephen.
They decided to form their
band after attending some
punk-pock concerts,
especially a Sex Pistols show
at the Manchester Lesser
Free Trade Hall.
Stephen Morris
Peter Hook
Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis (1956-1980)
He was an English musician, singer and
Curtis, suffering from epilepsy and
depression, committed suicide on May
18, 1980 in the first American tour of "Eve
of Joy Division", after all that suicide
resulted the dissolution of the group.
Curtis was known for his famous baritone
voice, epileptic dance style and
songwriting, filled with desolation and
His life and death have been dramatized
in different films.
Control: The Ian Curtis (2007)
The movie expands on Deborah’s
Touching From A Distance book,
which was a personal story about
her life with Ian Curtis, to give a
complete retelling of the musician
and his life. To achieve this,
scriptwriter Matt Greenhalgh
interviewed all the relevant contact
people including Annik Honore and
band members. Ian Curtis’s was in a
relationship with Annik at the time
of his death and she has previously
refused to discuss her life with Ian
with the media simply saying that it
was “too painful”
Ian’s Dance
Albums and songs
Unknown Pleasures (1979)
Closer (1980)
Still (1981)-Compilation album
Substance (1988)-Compilation
• Transmission (1979)
• Licht und Blindheit (1980)
• Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980)
• Komakino (1980)
• Atmosphere/She’s Lost Control
My favorite album
"Unknown pleasure": in January
1979, a painting by Jan Curtis
graced the front of the Musical
Express. This minor triumph was
associated with a major tragedy,
since Ian was diagnosed as
epileptic. His epilepsy experience
inspired him to write a song called
"She's lost control."
In April 1979, the album
"Unknown Pleasures" was
recorded at Strawberry Studios,
Stockport with Martin Hannett as
Unknown pleasures were released
in June. This album made the band
more popular and nowadays it's in
Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of
All Time.
The cover of
the album
Joy Division were an extremely important band in the stylistic
development of popular music, after the initial punk rock
explosion of 1977. After this explosion, Joy Division, although the
group was active only for four years, firstly introduced a unique
style that was not witnessed before, or to some extent, has been
fully reproduced since then
Street Art
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