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Trilogy Biology Paper 2 Module 5 Recall Questions

Trilogy Biology Paper 2 Module 5 Recall Questions
1 Define a. ecosystem b. community c. population d. species e. habitat f. territory
g. interdependence;
2. What do organisms require to survive and reproduce?
3. Describe the importance of interdependence in a community.
4. What is a stable community?
5. List 7 abiotic factors that affect organisms
6. List 4 biotic factors that affect organisms
7. Define: a. abundance b. distribution
8. Explain how to determine the: a. mode; b. median; c. mean.
9. How would you estimate the population of daisies in a field measuring 10 metres by 30 metres?
10. How would you investigate the effect of soil depth on the distribution of plants from the sea
shore to the top of a beach?
11. Explain the importance of competition in a community.
12. What is intraspecific competition?
13. What is interspecific competition?
14. What do animals compete for?
15. What do plants compete for?
16. Define adaptation
17. What are extremophiles and what extreme environments can they live in?
18. What are the producers of biomass for life on earth?
19. What begins food chains and give 2 usual examples. How do producers make glucose?
20. What are predators?
21. What are prey?
22. What happens to the number of predators and prey in a stable community? (sketch a graph)
23. Why do all materials in the living world need to be recycled?
24. List 3 substances which are cycled between the abiotic and biotic components of the ecosystem.
25. What process do all organisms to which returns carbon back to the atmosphere?
26. Which living process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
27. What process returns minerals to the soil?
28. Explain the role of microorganisms in an ecosystem.
29. Draw the carbon cycle including where carbon is found (and names of compound) and the names
of the processes that transfer it.
30 .Explain the importance of the carbon to living organisms.
31. Write the word equation for photosynthesis.
32. 10.Write the word equation for aerobic respiration.
33. Explain the importance of the water cycles to living organisms.
34. Draw the water cycle including the names of the processes which transfer it.
35. Why are more resources being used and more waste produced?
36. What causes more pollution?
37. How can pollution occur?
38. How does pollution reduce biodiversity?
39. Why has large-scale deforestation in tropical areas occurred?
40. Why have peat bogs been destroyed?
41. What are the consequence of peat bogs being destroyed?
42. What happens when the peat bog decays or is burned.
43. What is there conflict between?
44. State 2 greenhouse gases.
45. What human activities contribute to more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
46. Explain how increasing carbon dioxide and methane levels lead to global warming.
47. Describe some of the consequences of global warming.
48. What measures have been taken to try and conserve biodiversity?
49. Describe both positive and negative human interactions in an ecosystem and explain their impact
on biodiversity.
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