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Vitamins are one of the most important nutrients that are required by the body. They play
important structural and functional role. Different parts of the body are majorly dependant on
different vitamins to work properly. Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E play the most
imperative role in keeping our skin intact. They have anti-aging effect and are a part of many
regimens that are used as anti-aging and anti-wrinkling agents. You should always look for the
best vitamin C serum for maximal anti-aging effects. But the question lies as to why these
serums help in making your skin look young, fresh and intact. For a complete detailed outlook,
read till the end of the article.
What are Vitamin C serums?
Primarily, Vitamin C serum consists two parts.
The base ingredients.
The active ingredients.
The active ingredients:
The active ingredient, as the name is self-explanatory consists of different concentrations of
Vitamin C. It is to be noted that this active ingredient comes is the market in different formulas.
You can start off by using a product that has 10% concentration of vitamin C and then go for
products with higher deliberation. The use of this gradually increasing concentration brings
better results.
The base ingredients:
The base ingredients consist of a mixture of skin friendly substances that make the application
of vitamin C easier and more efficient. Vitamin C is found in these serums mainly in the form of
ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is known for its highly potent anti-oxidant properties. It means that
it removes free radicals, resulting in healthier skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen
and elastin. These two substances play direct role in making your skin look intact, young and
What to look in Vitamin C serums:
While looking for a vitamin C serum, there are a few contents that you have to keep in mind. By
being mindful of certain essentials briefed below, you can easily find the best vitamin C serum
available in the market.
Make sure that it has glycerin as a part of its base ingredients. Glycerin is a healthy
moisturizer for your skin that also protects it from the ultraviolet rays, hence enhancing
If ubiquinone is listed in the ingredients of the serum, it indicates that the serum you are
holding is of high quality. Ubiquinone is an anti-oxidant substance and so is healthy for
your skin.
Always prefer a fragrance free product over the one containing fragrance. Fragrances
are irritants to the skin and do more harm than good.
Make your own Vitamin C serum:
You can make a vitamin serum easily at home. All you need to do is fetch a couple of easily
available ingredients from your nearby Chemists’ store.
Dissolve 2 grams of Vitamin C in 8-10 ml of water. Vitamin C can be obtained easily from
a Chemist store in the form of L-ascorbic acid.
Mix it well and add 6-12 ml of glycerin.
Once mixed properly, place it in an air-tight container
The bottom line is, you should seek for the above mentioned ingredients in order to find the
best vitamin C serum available in the market. This anti-aging agent is really effective and can
produced notable result if properly used.