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Analysis of my own Scientific Literacy, History

Analysis of my own Scientific
Literacy, History and Biography
By Chloe Butler
A timeline of my life
experiences that have
shaped my Primary
Science teaching
My Experiences with the Outdoors
• My parents’ influence
• Family trips to Wales
• A child’s born curiosity for nature
• Are children becoming disconnected from the outdoors?
• Learning Outside the Classroom and its benefits
My Experiences with the Outdoors
‘A tool for teaching and learning,
proven to raise attainment and
achievement, improve behaviour
and improve engagement.’
(Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, 2018)
A Lack of Effective Science at Primary School
• Science lessons at Key Stage 1
• A disregard for Science
• My experience of Science on Professional Practice
• The importance of Primary Science
A Lack of Effective Science at Primary School
‘An intellectual, practical, creative and
social endeavour which seeks to help
children to better understand and make
sense of the world in which they live.’
(Sharp et al, 2017)
My First Memories of Science
• Mr Strode’s Science lessons
• Developing Science enquiry skills
• The importance of investigations
• Influencing my teaching practice in Science
Science at Secondary School
• Miss Yates and her Physics lessons
• The characteristics of an effective Science teacher
• Influencing my teaching philosophy
• Leading me to where I am today
My Experience of Science at Edge Hill so far
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