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The word “Surreal” means much more than just “weird”.
Andre Breton 1896-1966
Sigmund Freud – 1856-1939
Since the subconscious mind is a wellspring
of knowledge,
Surrealists use images from their
subconscious in their work.
Art by MC Escher – www.mcescher.com
The result is an art form which can be enjoyed
purely for its strangeness and aesthetics.
Or looked upon as the mind at work, giving us
insights into ourselves and the human
Art by MC Escher - www.mcescher.com
 Surrealism’s goal was to liberate thought, language, and
human experience from the oppressive boundaries of
 Breton was particularly interested in the idea that the
unconscious mind—which produced dreams—was the
source of artistic creativity.
 Andre Breton believed that supressing the thoughts or signs
of subconscious minds leads us to anger and thus
destruction. It’s important to understand the signs symbols
that appear in dreams.
 Surrealism’s desire to break free of reason led it to
question the most basic foundation of artistic
production: the idea that art is the product of a
single artist’s creative imagination.
 he Surrealist focus on dreams, psychoanalysis, and
fantastic imagery has provided fodder for a number
of artists working today.
“Good cannot exist without evil, and if one
accepts the notion of God then, on the
other hand, one must postulate a devil
likewise. This is balance. This duality is my
life… ”
- MC Escher
 He utilised sophisticated mathematical principles with
which to plan his mind-bending images.
 From 1944 onwards Escher’s work became increasingly
Surrealist, with his numerous optical illusions. Some his
most famous works include ‘Day and Night’
 In his pictures, one is never sure where one should look
 The work of M.C. Escher has baffled audiences for many
years. He created illusions that both thrilled the public and
challenged at the same time.
Still Life and Street
– 1937 Woodcut
Relativity by MC Escher
Day and Night
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