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Great Gatsby Main Points

Chapter 4: Things to Remember
We enter into the chapter with continuing speculation on who is Gatsby. “He’s a
bootlegger.” On a timetable marked July 5, 1922 (the day after American Independence
Day), Nick writes down lists of people who have attended Gatsby’s parties. The list
includes names from the East Egg, West Egg, upper class New York, and the lower class.
Many of these people have committed unsavory actions.
Gatsby has rolled in his automobile, which is top of the line and a symbol of wealth and
the American Dream. He picks up Nick and reveals his past while driving to their
destination for lunch, which seems like it’s the truth but also romanticized. It is also
revealed that at the party, Gatsby asked Jordan to invite Nick to tea, which Nick doesn’t
really appreciate. When they reach their lunch destination, they meet a man named
Meyer Wolfheim. From Wolfheim’s human teeth cufflinks to his story about Rosy
Rosenthal and his involvement with the rigged World Series of 1919, we see that Gatsby
may have amassed his wealth through illegal activities.
We then learn more about Gatsby’s plan with Jordan and Nick. We also learn more
about Tom and Daisy’s relationship. Daisy was in love with a lieutenant, who we can
assume is Gatsby. When Gatsby went off to war, Daisy was distraught. She then met
Tom, fell in love with him, almost backed out of their wedding, then ended up marrying
him. There was once love between Tom and Daisy, however Tom turned to infidelity
fairly soon into their marriage. When Daisy heard Gatsby’s name in chapter one, she
immediately questioned Jordan, giving us a clue that she may still have feelings for him.
We have also learned that Gatsby bought at house across the waters from Daisy and
planned those parties hoping Daisy would come and be impressed by what he has
accomplished. When she didn’t show up multiple of times, he then created a plan to have
Jordan invite Nick tea and ask him to invite Daisy over for lunch to meet her.