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From Terror to Hope Questions

“From Terror to Hope”
1. Reread the section “Who were the Terrorist?” Which quote below BEST expresses the central
idea of this section?
a. “The horrifying events of September 11 started before Helanina was even born.”
b. “During the 1990’s, Al Qaeda operated mainly in the countries of Sudan, Afghanistan,
and Pakistan.”
c. “Al Qaeda adopted a hateful and murderous ideology of using terrorism to ‘punish’
Western countries for their perceived crimes against Islam.”
d. “The fourth plane may have been intended for the White House.”
2. Read the central idea of the section “Ghosts” stated below. Then read the lines listed under it
from the article. Which detail does NOT support the central idea?
Central Idea: The Twin Towers were important landmarks in New York City.
a. “The Twin Towers were as iconic as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Hollywood sign in Los
b. “And they were the crown jewels of the World Trade Center…”
c. “From Los Angeles to London, from Tokyo to Cairo, People sat glued to their televisions,
staring in shock and disbelief as two of the most recognizable buildings in the world
d. “But the fires burned so hot that they melted the buildings’ steel frames.”
3. Consider the central idea of the whole article. Write three details from the article that support
Central idea: “The attacks of September 11, 2001, changed people’s lives and our world.
Supporting detail 1:
Supporting detail 2:
Supporting detail 3:
4: Read the details from the section “Rebuilding Hope” listed below. In the box, write the central idea
that these details support.
Central idea:
Detail 1: “But after hard work and treatment, Helania is doing well.”
Detail 2: “Lower Manhattan again teems with life.”
Detail 3: “A new skyscraper called the Freedom Tower now rises mere steps from where the Twin
Towers once stood.”
“From Terror to Hope”
5. How does author Kristin Lewis develop the idea that the Twin Towers were special buildings?
6. On p. 8, Lewis writes, “And sadly, the word terrorism is now part of our everyday vocabulary.”
What does she mean?
7. The title “From Terror to Hope” suggests a journey. What journeys does Lewis describe?
8. In the remarks on pg. 9, President Obama gives examples of people who showed heroism on
September 11 as well as those who have shown “a more quiet form of heroism” in the years
since. What does he mean by “a more quiet form of heroism”? Has Helaina shown this kind of
quiet heroism?
9. According to RJ Khalaf’s essay, how did the September 11 attacks affect Muslim Americans?
10. According to Khalaf, what can all of us do to help eliminate prejudice?
“From Terror to Hope”
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