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Japan Industrialization

Japan Inventions in the Earlies 20’s
Bullet Train
Quantum Electrodynamics(Mechanics)
Instant Ramen
Electronic Calculators
Headphone stereo sets
Video Camera
Positive effects Social Area:
After World War 2 people in Japan received an massive urbanization which helped them
economically and with the issues that the world war brought in the aftermath.
In the American Occupation Western ideologies were brought to women and gave them free
will to work out of domestic jobs and have real careers
As Japan was and is one of the most technologically advanced countries, communication
between people around the country was made easier by the 1940s and people stayed in
contact between relatives that were far away all thanks to industrialization.
Negative effects Social Area:
-The Chisso Corporation dumped 27 tons of mercury into the Minimata Bay, and it took 40 years to
compensate the victims fully. All through the 20th century, people had to live with the ‘Minimata
-The suicide rates started increasing to a 70 percent, and 65 percent of it was due to persons losing
their jobs.
-Child labor increased in the 20th century, infants worked for less money than adults making them the
‘perfect’ workers.
Positive effects Economic area:
The periods of war between 1937 and 1945 gave Japanese people a mass increase in
production. Statistics show an increase of 25% and 225% in machinery production.
After the war companies became private and worked in peaceful use of all the things
produced in the era of war and created Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and others which made Japan
one of the most advanced countries talking about cars (helped economy).
70% of manufactured goods produced in Japan where exported in the 20 century and is still
increasing today making Japan increase their GNP 10 percent every year.
Negative effects Economic area:
-Japan faced an oil crisis. That crisis shocked the economy that depended on imported petroleum.
-Even though economy increased during a time, it quickly shrank to only 1.7%, making Japan almost
losing their leadership.
Fun Fact:
There was a period in Japan were the coins ceased to exist due to the addiction of arcades that
citizens had.
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