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RABBITS EAT LETTUCE 2019 Non-Food Market Stall Agreement

RABBITS EAT LETTUCE 2019​: Non-Food Market Stall
Festival Date​:
Thursday ​18 April – Sunday 21 April 2019
Cherrabah Resort, ​1 Keoghs Rd, Elbow Valley, Warwick
Festival Dates:
Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st April 2019
Due to a slight clash with an international event (PoloCross World Cup) we have had to shift the
dates of our festival forward by one (1) day. The event will now start on Thursday before Easter
weekend and finish on Easter Sunday evening. Next year the festival will return to its standard
(Friday - Monday) programming.
Festival Address:
Cherrabah Resort
1 Keogh Road, Elbow Valley QLD
(Via Warwick, QLD)
Due to opposition by NSW Police and a lack of support from the local Richmond Valley Council
we are moving the festival up into QLD near the town of Warwick. We have received strong
support in the Warwick region from the local council & QLD Police. We currently do not have the
finances to keep fighting to keep our venue in NSW, however we hope to return in the future
when the political climate changes.
Stall Acceptance
You have been selected to join us in our celebrations at Rabbits Eat Lettuce Easter Festival,
2019 and to be a part of our market village. A broad variety of alternate lifestyle stalls
(non-food), and a considered selection of healthy food & drink stalls have been accepted.
Festival gates open on Thursday at 9am. Music will begin at 12pm. Most campers will remain
on the property until Monday morning. Anticipated crowd size is 3,500 - 4,000 with the majority
of patrons remaining onsite for the entire 4 days.
RFID Wristbands
At Rabbits Eat Lettuce we will be using a cashless payment system for the entire market area.
All patrons will have an RFID wristband and will load their money onto it to use at market stalls
and the festival bar​.
Cash Sales will be permitted at Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019 for the Non-food stalls only if
the patron requests it. Under no circumstances are patrons to be refused payment using
their RFID band to purchase non-food items.
The RFID system & accounting is anonymous and the records are not retained after the event
and not shared with 3​rd​ parties. At the end of the festival Market Stalls will receive a ​cash
payout​ of the revenue from their stall (less commission). This will be paid out onsite. This will all
be managed by a third party company called AWOP.
If you have any questions about the system, please contact us.
Most market stall-holders we have spoken to that have experience with this cashless payment
system actually prefer it over cash. People are more inclined to spend more money and you
don’t need to worry about keeping cash on your premises. You also get an accurate record of all
your sales and peak times, which allow you to better plan your staffing and stock for future
Non-refundable Holding Deposit
Once your application is accepted you must pay a holding deposit of $300 to confirm your place.
Places ​WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED​ until the deposit has been paid.
This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancelation by the stall-holder.
All holding deposits MUST be paid by Friday February 15, 2019
Bank Details for Deposit and Balance payments:
Bank: Westpac
732 585
Acct No.
565 536
Your Reference: Stall name
This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a cancelation by the stall-holder.
All holding deposits MUST be paid by Friday February 15, 2019.
Balance Payments
Balance Payment must be received in FULL by Monday March 18, 2019​.
Market Stalls Holders must confirm accurate number required of :
1. total staff
2. total vehicles. Rego numbers must be provided asap together with drivers name.
3. Total 10 & 15 amp power outlets
4. Length & Depth of stall area
Once REL has this information you will be sent an itemised invoice with balance owing. Failure
to pay your full stall fee balance by the ​due date ​will result in cancellation of your place without
refund of the holding deposit or a late fee of $300 will apply.
Base Rate & Commission
All market stalls at Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019 are required to pay the ‘base rate’
applicable to their stall + any balance for additional extras. In addition REL will receive
7.5% commission on all revenue generated during the event from each
Non-Food/Merchandise Stall. This 7.5% commission will be taken from the total
revenue before it is paid out from AWOP.
Stall holders must arrive on site​ Wednesday April 17, 2019 between the hours of 10am and
4pm u​nless otherwise agreed. All market stalls ​MUST​ be set up by 6pm.
Access to electricity will be available from 4pm Wednesday until 10am Monday.
Market Camping & Vehicles
Stall holders are permitted to have 1 tent with their stall. Extra staff will need to
camp in the General Camping area.
Market Stalls will only be permitted to keep ​one​ vehicle behind their market stall. All other staff
vehicles will need to park in general camping. Each stall will be allocated ​one​ special vehicle
access pass, which will grant access to the (back of house) market area.
You ​MUST​ provide your vehicle registration plate number, which will be printed on your special
vehicle pass.
All vehicles must remain parked once the event starts unless absolutely necessary. If you are
required to drive into town to get supplies you will need to pay a $20 pass out fee. This is to
minimise traffic accidents, gate and security requirements and dust as well as meeting Council’s
requirements. Please plan well and there will be no need to leave the festival site.
Open Hours
Our Market village is an integral component of the whole festival. It is dynamic and colourful. It
is for this reason that we require set times for the minimum of opening hours of our stall holders.
All Non-Food Market stalls must agree to be open between the hours of ​9am & 2am ​each
day at a minimum. ​However stalls are welcome and encouraged to trade longer hours if they
Prohibited items
Tobacco products & nangs are not permitted to be sold anywhere at the festival.
All cooking oil​ ​MUST​ be taken off site by market stallholders. Sullage disposal is for
biodegradable grey water only (NO OIL OR CHEMICALS).
Stall Lighting​ must be warm and add to ​market vibe​.
(No Harsh Fluoro or White light except inside stall if absolutely necessary).
Stall applications will ​NOT​ be accepted without proof of your current Public ​Liability Insurance​..
This must be submitted with application.
Collecting Stall Takings after Festival
Stall takings can be collected after you have packed down and your site has been given the all
clear by our Waste or Market Manager. Please report to the Info Tent and they will contact the
Manager when you have cleaned your site and are ready to leave to be signed off. Your stall
must be signed off before you can collect your stall takings from the festival bank.
Please separate recycling from landfill and follow the instructions of the waste manager when
dropping off waste at the skips.
Fire Protection
All stalls using heat for cooking ​MUST​ have a fire blanket and a 9KG powder fire extinguisher
All power leads, boards and electrical appliances must be tested and tagged before use. Failure
to comply with tag and testing will result in a ​$20 per item fee.
***** Each Stall ​MUST​ label the male end of their power leads with the NAME of their stall.
Power leads that are not labelled will be disconnected from distribution boards without warming.
Acceptance of Application and Terms & Conditions
If you would like to accept our offer to host a market stall at Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2018 and agree
to be bound by the conditions please sign and date below. Once this agreement has been
signed and returned to us the ​holding deposit of $300 ​will secure your place in the market
I, ____________________________from_____________________________
market stall have read and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions in this
agreement when operating at Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Music Art & Lifestyle Festival
I have up to date Public Liability Insurance that includes the festival dates.
Print Name:_____________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Date: __________________________________
Please sign ​this form and initial each page ​to accept our offer.
Please ​email all 5 pages​ to Nakia; ​[email protected]
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