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Big Data’s Increasing Role in the Modern Automotive Industry

Big Data’s Increasing Role in the
Modern Automotive Industry
The efficacy of the internet in our daily life has already been proven and you can hardly spend a day
without the service of the internet. Ranging from telecommunication to our home appliances, the
internet has revolutionized our world.
Dramatic transformation and digitalization have also been witnessed in the automobile industry.
Leading automobile manufacturers across the world are now competing with each other in the race
of producing advanced vehicles with numerous sensitive technologies. Advanced vehicle parts
information system and the use of GPS technology are definitely some of the revolutionary formulas
adopted by the automobile industry. Let us talk about how Big Data is going to play an important
role in shaping up the future of the automobile industry.
The Concept of Connected Car
The concept of the connected car is the new craze in the car market, where leading automobile
manufacturers will work to improve features like GPS navigation, remote diagnostic, fleet
management, infotainment, enhanced safety, autonomous driving and many other things.
These data-driven applications are going generate huge number of data. The data will be
accumulated from remote sensors and will be used to develop advanced automobiles.
The Importance of Big Data for Modern Automobiles
If you own a car that can use the internet and Wi-Fi and execute a number of services like
autonomous driving, notifications about the health of the vehicle and its surroundings along with
safety alert and vehicle parts identification, you can call it a smart car.
Automotive 7, Android Auto and Apple’s Carplay are some of the latest technologies that help our
vehicles to remain connected with its passengers and its surrounding through the internet. The
automobile industry expects that we have more than 90% connected cars by the end of 2020.
For Advanced Design & Production
Data accumulated from the connected cars will help automobile manufacturers to evaluate
consumers’ driving experience, users’ preferences and the need for basic parameters like fuel
efficiency, safety and battery life. Manufacturers will use collected data to produce vehicles with the
accordance of customers’ preferences.
With the help of Big Data, manufacturers will be able to enter into the repeated improvement cycles.
Big Data will make the process of design and manufacturing more informed.
Predictive Maintenance for Timely Actions
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Right prediction to address future problems in the vehicle is one of the most effective features of
advanced cars. Big Data analysis will help both the owners and manufacturers to take timely actions
for the foresee problems.
Connected vehicles analyze its health status on regular basis and keep the owner informed about
this. Most of Automotive Aftermarket OEM’s are now gearing up to offer SaaS models for better
Promotes a Meaningful Vehicle Marketing
If marketers and manufacturers use collected data to better market and sentiment analysis, they
will be able to make the vehicle marketing more meaningful. Big data provides an accurate insight
of vehicle market and consumers’ preferences along with other marketing facts for better
production and Parts Management.
Big Data is turn out to be an important nerve of the automobile industry in the near future. It will
have a great impact on the design, power, safety features, comfort, marketing, financing and supply
chain management.
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