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AmI Abstract

Ambient Intelligence
This chapter presents an overview of the domain of ambient intelligence, by first
situating it in a broad perspective of technological evolution and then by describing it
more analytically in two complementary ways: through a review of the different
"threads" of research that have been woven into this cross-disciplinary field, and by
confronting key alternatives that underlie both the conceptualization of the domain and
the corresponding design issues.
Ambient intelligence (AmI) is the element of a pervasive computing environment that
enables it to interact with and respond appropriately to the humans in that
environment. That capacity is enabled by unobtrusive embedded devices in the
environment and natural user interfaces (NUI), providing some services autonomously
in response to perceived needs and accepting user input through voice, gesture and
other non-interruptive methods.
Ambient Intelligence, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous
networking, pervasive computing, mobile computing, ambient computing, ambient
displays, disappearing computer, calm technology, internet of things, web of things,
tangible interfaces, context-awareness, augmented reality, smart spaces, cognitive
overload, privacy.
Sufyan A. Siddiqui
Mahesh S. Suryawanshi
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