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Course Navigation and Assignment Submission Practice-Monique Mota

Course Navigation and Assignment Submission Practice
The Course Homepage contains four tabs, Welcome, Announcements, Syllabus, and
Course Schedule. The Welcome tab notifies the student that there is much work to be done and if
there are any questions or concerns to notify Dr. Kackley. It also mentions that after reading the
course syllabus to click on the Course Content tab to get started. The Announcements tab
displays any new and significant notifications posted by Dr. Kackley. The Syllabus tab contains
the course work such as the instructor’s contact information, course phase, and program skills to
name a few. The Course Schedule displays the assignments and each of the due dates. The
Course Homepage is beneficial because it will keep the students updated by the professor.
The Course Content tab contains five tabs, Introduction, Apply and Evaluate, Module 1,
Book Report, and Module 2. The Introduction tab displays the first two assignments with
instructions, points possible and due dates for each. The Apply and Evaluate Lesson tab shows
the points possible for the assignment, the due date, and a word document that describes the
phase one component of the course. The Module 1 tab displays what the scholar will be able to
accomplish upon completion of each of the three components required for Module 1. The Book
Report tab shows the student the due date, possible points, a brief description of the assignment,
and a word document with specific expectations for the Book Report Project. The Module 2 tab
also displays what the scholar will be able to accomplish upon completion of each of the three
assignments. The Course Content page is beneficial to the student because it shows the student
the assignments, due dates, possible points, rubrics and detailed expectations from the professor.
The Discussions tab displays a discussion forum for scholars. The Email tab contains any
email notifications through Blackboard. The Notifications Page displays several announcements
throughout the page with meaningful information. The My Grades tab shows grades of the
course along with the submission and possible points allowed for each assignment. The TTU
Libraries Home tab contains a plethora of information. For example, looking up books and
media, library hours, alerts, and research guides to name a few. These tabs are important to keep
the students updated on grades, notifications, communication with other scholars and professors,
and for research availability.
The Blackboard Help tab contains helpful information for students such as tips for
success, troubleshooting tips, helpful websites, and a TTU student help website. The TTU
Student Services tab displays an index with helpful information. The TTU Student Disability
Services tab provides videos, quick links, and accommodations available to students with
disabilities. The Title IX Syllabus Statement tab provides information and important contact
information for agencies that provide assistance for different purposes. The TTU Student Help
tab provides the students with upcoming news, quick links to important pages, and any current
news available. These tabs are useful to look for quick ways to troubleshoot or locate specific
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