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Second Life reflection

I was expecting a unique experience from the Second Life game; however, my expectations have not
been met. In the next paragraphs, I am going to explain several reasons why I did not like it.
First of all, I would like to mention the performance issues. I know that the technical side is not that
important, but I cannot just avoid discussing it. I do not know the actual reason, but the game runs very
slow and not smooth at all. Even though my laptop allows me to play every single brand-new game
(Second Life was released in 2003!), I had a lot of stuttering while playing Second Life.
Also, I would like to note some about the process of gameplay. Second Life is a sandbox game; thus, it
provides players with freedom to choose what to do. This aspect is well-implemented, but it is very
difficult to understand the basics of the game. The adaptation process is not intuitive at all. Second Life
has neither simple gameplay nor a good tutorial. The game did not hook me; hence I do not want to
continue playing. Additionally, a lot of content can be unlocked using in-game payments, which require
players to spend their real money. This is one more factor that affects the overall impression.
To conclude, I would state that Second Life is not actual nowadays. It is old and non-intuitive. The
freedom that it provides is literally nothing when player is struggling trying to understand how to
perform a basic action. Also, there are many alternatives that even support virtual reality. This is one of
the many factors why I will not play the game and I will not recommend it to anybody.