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reference letter

Dear Professors:
I am very pleased to know that Ms. Du Huazi, a highly talented employee at this water plant, is
applying for further studies in your graduate program, and I am now writing to lend her my full
support in this effort.
Ms. Du has been working under my supervision at First Water Supply Plant, the biggest in the city,
for the past year and a half. With her diligence and brilliance, Ms. Du has served as a source of
inspiration and help for me and many others during this period.
At this water plant, she has consistently demonstrated a keen mind and impeccable work ethics.
She started working as my assistant when I was conducting research on the application of the fiber
filtering technology to the treatment of drinking water, which is traditionally treated with sodium
silicate. My research represented the first attempt at the time to apply the fiber filtering technology
outside the realm of industrial wastewater treatment.(原文没有这句话,而说明这个项目的重要性无
Ms. Du stopped at nothing in her effort to learn. By taking part in the training sessions, she quickly
learned to operate all the equipment and devices skillfully. When the plant completed converting
the old filters into fast-filters, she seized the occasion as a good opportunity for her to practice what
she had learned. Assigned to test the quality of the water out of the new filters, she had to do
protracted data recording to find out the functioning of the new filters under different conditions.
Undeterred by the monotony of the job, she discharged her duties with great patience and
meticulous care. But, with her creative mind, she was never content with merely doing her job.
When the data were in, she studied them and put forward her analysis of what the data suggested,
which proved very valuable for the experiment. Under my guidance, she conducted the filter
configuration. By and by, I developed full confidence in her research ability and later assigned her
to do minor experiments independently. Her experiment reports were always satisfactory.
Judging by what I know of her, I believe that Ms. Du has the makings of a good scientific
researcher in the field of water treatment. Hardworking, intelligent and cooperative, she should be
able to build up a promising career, particularly if she can have the benefit of advanced studies in a
developed country, where the technologies of environmental protection are much more advanced.
In China, she finds herself inhibited by her lack of access to new theories, research methods and
advanced technological know-how. I think it is wise of her to have decided to pursue graduate
studies abroad. While I regret very much that I will lose an excellent assistant when she goes, I feel
bound to support her decision, as I know this decision will lead her to new horizons and broader
vision. I hope that one day she will return to China with new conceptual frameworks to take charge
of the practical research that she is now leaving behind.
Ms. Du has a solid command of English. Over the past few years, she has helped me translate lots
of foreign literature on science and technology. She is always enthusiastic about doing translations,
as she believes it not only improves her English but also enhances her knowledge of the latest
developments in water and waste treatment.
I recommend her to you without any reservation. I trust that she will become an excellent student
and assistant when admitted into your department. I would greatly appreciate it if you could accept
Ms. Du as a graduate student.
Sincerely yours,
Wang Qiang
Chief Engineer & Deputy Manager
The First Water Supply Plant of Big City