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Scholl Red Sandals

These Scholl Rio Red sandals have everything that I have always been looking for in Sandals. As a
photographer who frequents the beach, I was looking for something that was not only comfortable but
durable enough to weather the sand and salty ocean water. With very durable genuine leather straps
whose red colour stands they complemented all my floral beach dresses really well. The wedge-sole is
really easy on the foot and although it is not as compressible as I would have wished, it doesn’t result in
blisters like previous sandals which employ the same material for the sole. The wedge-sole is also raised
which means that I can walk in sand and in shallow water without getting my feet wet. It is also very
easy to adjust the straps to loosen or tighten the sandals and the buckles hold on firm for long hours. I
wear size 7s and they are worth every pound I paid for them.
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