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Draft Scope of works for Consultancy Services AR

Draft Scope of works for Consultancy Services by AR
1.0 Review the test set located in the basement of Building and write a procedure how to safely
operate the test equipment.
2.0 The procedure shall include:
 Safe access
 Earthing
 Measuring and recording equipment
 Maintenance
 Calibration
 Labelling/warning signs
3.0 Review safe access/egress, and all equipment, earthing and advise any non-compliance to
relevant Acts and regulations, and relevant standards and work practices. Provide a cost
estimate to remedy any deficiencies.
4.0 Develop a training package for that can be delivered to staff. Staff who successfully complete
the training course are deemed to be competent Impulse test operators.
5.0 Provide training to 5 staff
6.0 Develop a maintenance program, calibration program and safety audits.