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OT Activities for Caleb

OT Activities for Caleb
Have 2 balls of putty of similar size, 1 for you, one
for Caleb. Prompt him first to squeeze putty in his
fist while hand on the table, then to squeeze putty
while holding his hand up (elbow on the table, arm
straight) and then to make a snake (show him rolling
putty on the table).
Prompt him to form letters on the mat using
Apply pressure on theraputty using different fingers.
Ask him, What letter is this? What sound does it
make? Then ask him to point to all pictures on the
mat and name them.
If Caleb has playdoh and cookie cutters (letters),
prompt him to roll the dough on the table and cut
letters. He can them form words using cut letters.
Practice handwriting. Caleb has a handwriting book
and different worksheets. Use short crayon or short
pencil at first. Let him try independently first.
Prompt if he forms letters / numbers incorrectly or
needs to apply more pressure.
Coloring within the lines: practice coloring pictures
and staying inside the lines as well as filling in the
whole shape.
Cut and paste worksheets: Let him read the
instruction and verify his understanding of the
instruction by asking questions (e.g., What should
you do first? And then? Or, What’s next/after?). Let
him color first black and white pictures, then prompt
him to complete cut and paste activity.
Use various worksheets: colors & shapes,
reading, counting, numbers matching etc.
Teach him how to draw and color his face.
Practice drawing other pictures using task analysis
and visual models. Start with drawing a boy, then a
girl, a truck and a house.