Prompt 17: Impact of Technology Name ______________________________________ Date _______________________

Prompt 17: Impact of Technology
Name ______________________________________ Date _______________________
Technology allows people to complete many tasks without having contact with others. People
can check out books, shop, and play games without speaking to another person. Has the
limitation of human contact due to the use of technology had positive or negative effects on
people’s lives? Take a position on this question. Support your response with reasons and
specific examples.
Restate the Prompt. What do you need to write about?
Write a Thesis statement for this prompt. (topic+comment+3 different points)
Create a Broad Opening Statement.
Create an outline of your reasons or steps in your answer. Add some details or examples.
(Prewriting) on the back of this paper if needed.
What anecdote or rhetorical question may you have to include?