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Peoples’ anti-war will
Current situation
• First World War: First large-scale
war of human
• Caused serious losses and
"Europe has fallen into an extreme situation
that Americans cannot understand”
---- New York Times
Current situation
• Unemployment as high as
6 million
66 million Germans were struggling
in hunger and poverty
• This Painful cost of war caused majority
of European people against war
• Pacifism became mainstream thinking
Stress from public
• Britain: a pioneer of Western
• Political elites had to follow the
wills of people
“Political parties or politicians who dare
to take different routes seem to have a lot
of pressure and are almost in danger of
being eliminated politically”
Something about
Neville Chamberlain itself
Chamberlain's character
Early experience:
Lost his mother at 6 years old
Became an introverted person
E.g. dare not take part in the discussion club
Chamberlain's character
• A restrained person that tried
his best on the appeasement
• Only compromised all the time
with the threaten of Hitler
“I believe it is peace in our time…go
home and get a nice quiet sleep.”
-- Neville Chamberlain
Political stand
• The reason why he embarked the political
road: he wanted to benefit the people
• Deeply aware of the suffering of the
• Hope to maintain stability and prosperity
• A leader from conservative party
• Reasonable for Chamberlain to making
appeasement policy
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