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CB 1030

(A study on Consumer behaviour for Laptops)
Laptop computers, also known as notebooks, are portable computers that you can take with
you and use in different environments. They include a screen, keyboard, and a trackpad or
trackball, which serves as the mouse. Because laptops are meant to be used on the go, they
have a battery which allows them to operate without being plugged into a power outlet.
Laptops also include a power adapter that allows them to use power from an outlet and
recharges the battery.
While portable computers used to be significantly slower and less capable than desktop
computers, advances in manufacturing technology have enabled laptops to perform nearly as
well as their desktop counterparts. In fact, high-end laptops often perform better than low or
even mid-range desktop systems. Most laptops also include several I/O ports, such
as USB ports, that allow standard keyboards and mice to be used with the laptop. Modern
laptops often include a wireless networking adapter as well, allowing users to access the
Internet without requiring any wires.
While laptops can be powerful and convenient, the convenience often comes at a price. Most
laptops cost several hundred dollars more than a similarly equipped desktop model with a
monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Furthermore, working long hours on a laptop with a small
screen and keyboard may be more fatiguing than working on a desktop system. Therefore, if
portability is not a requirement for your computer, you may find better value in a desktop
To comprehend existing brand inclinations of buyer
To comprehend the elements that influence buy process
How much is the shopper willing to put resources into purchasing a Laptop?
How frequently do they buy a Laptop?
Where do they purchase products from?
To discover their unwaveringness to the brand they are right now utilizing.
Significance of the studyIn the present aggressive and dynamic world, each brand is providing replaceable administrations or
items, just the brand which has a novel arrangement or item for customers gets an opportunity at
working over the long haul. Evaluating and accessibility are the key issue for any item and every
single real player are returning to and affirm their systems, so they gain advantage over their rivals.
This study is done to find out the reasons behind the buying behaviour of a customer and loyalty
towards different brands.
Pricing of a LaptopBecause of their portability, laptop computers allow employees much more flexibility in
terms of where they can work. If your company is interested in increasing team collaboration
and offering work at home options, then laptops may be the right choice for your
business. Prices for laptops range from $300 for the most basic models to $3000 for highspeed models with large storage capacity. Similar to desktops, laptops also vary in cost
depending on which operating system you prefer. Apple laptops tend to fall towards the
middle of the price scale, ranging in cost from $1,000-$2,500. Laptops that run Windows
have a wider price range, and cost depends mostly on features and brand.
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