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WorkPro Instructions



Pre-employment induction is vital to ensure you are prepared for your role. Labourforce has partnered with WorkPro to deliver our inductions. Once you have created a WorkPro profile and completed your induction and training, criminal conviction history check and visa / work rights check, your training results and information will be permanently stored in the WorkPro database.

This means you can securely share your employment-related information with any potential employer in the future, saving you from having to complete the same paperwork and training each time you apply for employment.

To register and complete your induction, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to www.workpro.net.nz/worker 2. Click “REGISTER” 3. Complete the registration form, click ‘’SUBMIT’ and follow the instructions 4. If you supplied an email address as part of your registration, an email will be sent to you with your WorkPro username 5. Log in to WorkPro with your username and password 6. Enter the MAC


and follow the instructions

7. Click on “Inductions & Training Modules” and complete the modules shown below. Please DO NOT complete the Background Check or MOJ Check.

8. Once completed, you can log out – you have now finished your on-line induction. 9. Your CIN and PIN will be sent by text message and emailed to you on completion.

Should you have any questions or problems, please call us on 0800 00 22 59 The modules you are required to complete are:

  11 – WHS & EEO combined modules 1 & 10 (Mandatory) 02 – Office Worker Safety Induction 03 – Manufacturing Worker Safety Induction 04 – Store Worker Safety Induction 09 – Forklift Safety Operation 20 – Hazardous Manual Task 23 – Transport & Logistics Safety Induction 26 – General Trades Safety Induction 29 – Handling, Storing & Transporting Dangerous Goods