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MPC Internal Campaign

Our current short-term strategy outlines several goals to address the current
state of the company. As directed in that strategy, we need to utilize the crisis
to energize and mobilize employees and establish a theme and structure for an
ongoing campaign. This proposal attempts to address those two goals through
an internal campaign targeting employees.
This campaign is designed to re-engage employees and instill a sense of pride
for the company. Additionally, we look to humanize our company and remind
both internal and external audiences that Mississippi Power is made up of
people who work every day to put customers first by ensuring they receive
reliable power and working to improve their communities. This campaign
must feel authentic, resonate well with employees and transition easily to an
external campaign.
Accomplishing these goals will help our employees better serve as
ambassadors during this crisis by empowering them to inform and defend the
company in their communities.
Campaign Theme: The Power of Our People
 Feature employees and their roles throughout various communication
and collateral pieces
 Express through the campaign’s messaging the importance of our
employees to the overall success of the company and highlight how their
roles contribute to the company’s mission of providing clean and
reliable energy to our customer
 Strategically select employees from various roles in the company and
throughout the service area
 Develop a list of 20 employees to be featured in the campaign and seek
manager and employee approval
o Ensure that all areas of the business are represented and equal
representation throughout the service area
Have action photos taken of employees in their roles
Utilize the employee “get to know” document and develop profiles on
each employee
Develop signage for elevators and break rooms in all buildings using the
employee profiles and photos
Expand on the Dialogue “get to knows” and utilize a visual template
Employee Profiles
External Campaign