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Whether or not parents should decide who their children marry is still
controversial in society. Some people believe that parents are more mature and have more
experiences in life, so they can choose the best for their children. On the other hand,
others think children should choose their spouses by themselves. I’m in favor of choosing
their spouses by themselves because of three main reasons.
First, parents shouldn’t decide who their children marry because these are their
children’ lives. They have only one life, so they need to enjoy their lives and have
responsibilities for themselves. They have to choose the right people who they love and
can live with them all of their lives. If they chose the wrong person, they had to accept he
or her because this is your choice. On the contrary, if their parents chose the wrong
person for them, and their marriages became worse, they would resent their parents.
Parents should understand thoroughly and let their children live entirely.
Second, the vast majority of marriages that parents decide who their children
marry have no love. Parents have more experiences in life because they have met a
numbers of people, so they can see who is a good person. In addition, parents always
want the best for their children, so they want to decide who is their daughter-in-law or
son-in-law. However, their children maybe not love the people their parent chose; yet
they still have to marry him or her. Worse, in cases they’ve already had their girl
friends/boy friends, but they have to break up with her/him and marry the person their
parents chose, they may lost their real loves. Parents decide who their children marry,
which can cause an loveless marriage, and both groom and bride mustn’t have had
Lastly, their grandchildren can be influenced by the loveless marriages.
Arguments cannot be avoided in marriages but if there is no love, the arguments can
become more terrible. Not only do husband and wife feel uncomfortable, but their
children also feel miserable. Moreover, children are affected the most in many ways. One
case, they will go out more because they think staying at home is unpleasant.
Consequently, they can meet bad friends, and don’t focus on studying; then they are
leaded to do bad things because they lack care from parents. Another case, they can be
obsessed by their parents’ argument and are stressful. When they reach adulthood, they
don’t want to marry because they think the result of marriages is the same with their
parents. Parents decide their children’s marriages, which also impact badly their
Parents decide who their children marry, which still is a controversial issue,
especially in Asia. In my opinion, I support parents let their children choose their spouse
by themselves. First, these are their own lives and they have their responsibilities.
Second, marriages with no love will usually lead to unhappy lives. Lastly, children are
also affected a lot by the their parents’ loveless marriages. Parents can give advice, but
they would rather respect their children decisions.
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