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cape town

South Africa
Pretoria-- administrative
capital (population) 2.2
Cape Town-- legislative
capital (population) 3.5
Bloemfontein-- judicial
capital (population) 500,000
Cape Town
V&A Waterfront.
Centre left:
Cape Town City Hall.
Centre Right:
Middle Left:
Simon's Town.
Middle Right:
Central Cape Town.
Table Mountain
Cape Town
originally as a supply station for
Dutch ships sailing to Eastern Africa,
India, and the Far East
famous for its harbour as well as its
natural setting, including such wellknown landmarks as Table Mountain and
Cape Point
noted for its architectural heritage,
with the highest density of Cape Dutch
style buildings (combines the
architectural traditions of the
Netherlands, Germany, France and
the northern end of the Cape Peninsula,
surrounded by near-vertical cliffs, Devil's Peak
and Lion's Head
Mediterranean climate
winter: mild and wet
summer: dry and very warm
Natural resources
Wild life habitation: ostriches, penguin, seals, whales and
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Table Mountain
Cape of Good Hope
Robben Island
Blend of architectural styles
• Majestic a. powerful, glorious
• Backdrop n. backcloth, background
• Blend
n. mixture, something produced by blending (eg. a good blend of coffee)
v. to mix together thoroughly (eg. blend the flour into the sugar and eggs)
v. to become combined, harmonize (eg. Their voices blend well with each other)
Meticulous a. extremely careful, with great attention to detail (eg. a meticulous studen
v. to prevent (sb./sth.) from being harmed or destroyed
(eg. The ancient Egyptians knew ways to preserve dead bodies from decay.)
v. to keep unchanged, maintain the condition
(eg. He’s managed to preserve his independence.)
v. to treat (food) in such a way that it can be kept for a long time (eg. preserved fruit)
Enhance v. to increase in, make better or more attractive
(eg. enhance the friendship/understanding; The clothes enhance her appearance.)
Cosmopolitan a. metropolitan (eg. Shanghai is a cosmopolitan/metropolitan city.)
Ambiance n. atmosphere
V&A waterfront
• Abound
vi. be abundant or plentiful, exist in large quantities
(eg. He abound in courage.)
Enticing a. highly attractive and able to arouse hope& desire
v. to provoke sb. to do sth. ( lure, tempt )
(eg. The boy was enticed to play truant.)
n. an orderly arrangement (eg. an array of tools/ facts)
v. to call forth, to bring in mind ( arouse, raise )
eg. That melody evokes my childhood memories.
Much of its charm lies in the fact that… (同位语从句)
abstract noun + that + clause
(specific and concrete explanation of the noun, a complete sentence)
Table Mountain
• Draw v. to elicit responses, such as criticism or applause
• Trail n. a small and narrow path
(eg. tortuous mountain trails, a one-man trail)
Summit (top, peak, climax)
n. peak, the top point of a mountain
n. the highest level or degree attainable
n. a meeting of heads of government (eg. summit meeting)
Spectacular (grand, magnificent)
n. a lavishly produced performance (Your speech is a spectacular.)
a. sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect
(eg. The new play was a spectacular success. / a spectacular
n. the main bone forming the axis of the skeleton
n. courage
(eg. He has got spine and starch.)
Robben Island
• Become synonymous with
become nearly the same as
n. a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and
legal discrimination against people who are not Whites; the former official
policy in South Africa
n. a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity, such as
thickness of wire or the amount of rain (eg. a pressure gauge)
v. judge tentatively or form an estimate of (estimate, judge)
(eg. It is difficult to gauge how students would respond to the new
Designation (identification, title, lable)
n. the act of identifying sth.
Cultural heritage site
Atlantic seafront
• Feature
n. characteristic, a prominent aspect of something
(eg. The sole redeeming feature of this job is the salary.)
v. have… as feature
(Round-the-clock service features this store.)
a. thick, tight, in a concentrated manner (eg. a dense forest/ crowd)
a. difficult to understand (eg. a piece of dense writing)
Be characterized by (Scottish people are characterized by
n. the part of a rock appears above the surface of the surrounding land
v. appear on the surface, come to the surface on the ground
n. recreation (eg. Chess is his favorite diversion.)
n. a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)
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