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Convert to AVI using FormatFactory

Download FormatFactory Here: Http://www.formatoz.com/
Here is how to use FormatFactory to convert to AVI
Step 1. Open FormatFactory
Step 2. Click on All to AVI on the left Side of the screen. (I have highlighted in
Yellow for you)
Step 3. Click on Add File
Step 4. Navigate to the movie that you want to convert. For this example I am
converting a .mkv movie then click on the movie and click open or you can double
click the movie.
Step 5. Browse to where you want the movie saved after conversion. I always just
leave mine in the default location and move later because I convert lots at the same
time. And I want them in different places.
Step 6. Click the OK button.
Step 7. Click Start
And whala you have it converting.
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